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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Shanon say he has never had relations with?
(a) Family members
(b) Young girls
(c) Pigs
(d) Whores

2. What does Latta say is the only thing that Shannon is good for?
(a) Drinking rum
(b) Sleeping with whores
(c) Lying in a hammock
(d) Gambling

3. What does Shannon say Hannah can use the cross for?
(a) To sell
(b) To pray
(c) As decoration
(d) To defend herself

4. What does Hannah put around Nonno?
(a) A rug
(b) A shawl
(c) A sweater
(d) A sheet

5. What does Shannon come out of the cubicle like a survivor of?
(a) A plane crash
(b) A terrorist attack
(c) A car crash
(d) A boxing round

6. What does Nonno announce?
(a) His shoes are too small
(b) He is having a heart attack
(c) He has finished his poem
(d) He remembers where his glasses are

7. Who does Maxine say the little fatman looks like?
(a) Adolf Hitler
(b) Edward Robinson
(c) Jake Latta
(d) Al Capone

8. What is Maxine putting back up?
(a) The hammock
(b) The projector screen
(c) The coffee table
(d) The clothes horse

9. What does Hannah ask Shannon if he is planning to conduct?
(a) A church service
(b) A wedding
(c) A funeral
(d) An orchestra

10. Where does Hannah want Shannon to lie down?
(a) On the hammock
(b) Under the trees
(c) On the grass
(d) On the sand

11. What does Hannah say comes after the Fourth of July?
(a) Halloween
(b) Thanksgiving
(c) Christmas
(d) Easter

12. What does Shannon call Hannah?
(a) A model
(b) A chancer
(c) A hustler
(d) A fraud

13. Who does Hannah say it is easy for her to make connections with?
(a) Unhappy people
(b) Religious people
(c) Fellow travelers
(d) Men

14. What does Frau Fahrenkopf ask if the Mexicans have caught?
(a) A cat
(b) A snake
(c) A dinosaur
(d) A lizard

15. What does Hannah think is enough to convince the ladies that he has not been defrocked?
(a) His prayer book
(b) His sincerity
(c) His personality
(d) His gold cross

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the gaucho in the limerick?

2. Where did Shannon get the gold cross from?

3. What did Shannon call the girl he prayed with?

4. Who does Hannah say is the only person Shannon has traveled with?

5. What does Maxine say an iguana tastes like?

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