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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of tree has Pedro climbed?
(a) Monkey nut tree
(b) Coconut tree
(c) Gum tree
(d) Palm tree

2. What does Shannon say Maxine is bigger than?
(a) A grizzly bear
(b) Jesus
(c) A polar bear
(d) Life

3. What does Hannah ask Nonno if he has lost?
(a) His scarf
(b) His wallet
(c) His sunglasses
(d) His watch

4. What does Hannah have a collection of?
(a) Jade pieces
(b) China
(c) Crystals
(d) Diamonds

5. What does the girl say everyone wants before they go back to town?
(a) A swim
(b) A sunbathe
(c) A drink
(d) A sleep

6. What has happened to Fred?
(a) He's ill
(b) He's runaway
(c) He's dead
(d) He's gone on holiday

7. What does Maxine say she is not operating?
(a) A pawn shop
(b) A brothel
(c) A tourist information service
(d) A hock shop

8. What does Maxine tell Shannon to get off his shoes before he gets on the veranda?
(a) Dust
(b) Salt
(c) Sand
(d) Mud

9. Who asks Shannon to come back to the bus?
(a) Miss Fellowes
(b) Hannah
(c) Lauren
(d) Hank

10. Who does Maxine say answers for Fred?
(a) Little Lord Pinch
(b) His brother
(c) God's wrath
(d) Little Sir Echo

11. What does Shannon ask Miss Fellowes to name?
(a) Hotels
(b) Churches
(c) Films
(d) Tourist agencies

12. What does Hannah help Maxine do?
(a) Prepare a salad
(b) Wash the dishes
(c) Set up the table
(d) Dust the furniture

13. Where does Miss Fellowes say she has slaved all year?
(a) The Methodist Female College
(b) The Baptist Female College
(c) The Catholic Girl's College
(d) The Lutherean Female College

14. What does Miss Fellowes call the tour?
(a) Stupid
(b) Rotten
(c) A cheat
(d) Undesirable

15. What Spanish word does Miss Fellowes say to the Mexican boys?
(a) Trabajar
(b) Bonito
(c) Muchachos
(d) Deversion

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hannah say in German?

2. Who is the proprietor of the hotel?

3. What does Shannon ask Maxine to give Hank?

4. What did Fred do with the fish he caught?

5. What kind of car does Maxine own?

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