The Night of the Iguana Character Descriptions

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Jonathan Coffin - He travels around the world, paying his way by reciting poems to hotel guests. He manages to finish one last poem before he dies.

Maxine Faulk - She has recently been widowed. Even before her husband's death, she was sleeping with other men, mostly local boys.

Judith Fellowes - She is the leader of the group for which Shannon is acting as tour guide. She is very angry at Shannon for his involvement with one of her charges and reports him to his superiors.

Charlotte Goodall - She is the young girl whom Shannon has sex with on the tour. She is very much in love with him and wants to get married.

Grandpa - See Jonathan Coffin

Hannah Jelkes - She seems about 40, but could be a few years older or younger. She travels the world with her elderly grandfather. Together they...

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