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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Billings discover in the end of The Boogeyman?

2. Which of the following, if it was part of the possession, will prevent the exorcism from working?

3. Who is the narrator of I Am the Doorway?

4. What do the men see is happening to Richie?

5. Whom does Bernie think about?

Short Essay Questions

1. In The Mangler, what does Jackson research that must be done to the machines?

2. Briefly describe Hall's character from Graveyard Shift.

3. What sort of tone does Lester have when he is telling his story and what might the reader initially think about him?

4. What kind of son is Timmy?

5. What theme does the story, Battleground, illustrate?

6. What does Artie fear and what does it tell us about him?

7. What ultimately causes Renshaw to die?

8. What can be said about Henry's character in Gray Matter?

9. How does the story seem impossible and what is Renshaw's reaction to the attacks?

10. How does Hall behave and interact with Warwick, his supervisor?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Boogeyman story is a tale told about a monster that many children grow up hearing. Many variations have been told about the monster in the closet or the monster hiding underneath the bed. Research the concept of the boogeyman and analyze King's re-telling of the monster's tale.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Gray Matter and Quitters, Inc. Gray matter is a statement of anti-alcoholism while Quitters, Inc. is anti-smoking, two very common habits many people have.

Essay Topic 3

There are not too many people who do not know the name Stephen King without having an automatic association to horror tales. Research who Stephen King is as an individual and as an author. How did he become the renowned author he is today? From where does he draw inspiration for his tales? Where did he get inspiration for Night Shift?

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