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Chapelwaiteappears in Jerusalem's Lot

This place is the family home Charles Boone lives in after his cousin's death.

The Mysteries of the Wormappears in Jerusalem's Lot

This strange book appears to be a bible for satanic worshipers.

A6appears in Night Surf

This chemical agent caused a worldwide flu, killing everyone who contracted the disease, except for a handful who appear to be immune due to another version of the flu that was not deadly.

The Hadley-Watson Model-6 Speed Ironer and Folderappears in The Mangler

This item automatically irons and folds sheets that an employee feeds into it. This machine appears to take on a life of its own when it begins killing and maiming the people working around or on it.

Beerappears in Gray Matter

Richie Grenadine enjoys drinking this every night in front of the television.

Toy Soldiersappears in Battlefield

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