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Lesson 1 (from Jerusalem's Lot)


Jerusalem's Lot

A story is not a story without someone telling it. Essentially, no matter what point of view the story takes, a narrator is always present to tell the story. In Night Shift, there are many different types of narrators and each type serves a specific purpose to the particular story being told. This lesson will explore the concept of a narrator, as well as analyze the narrator in Jerusalem's Lot.


1. Class Discussion: As a class, discuss the concept of a narrator. What is the purpose and importance of having a narrator present? Who can be a narrator? What types of narrators are there? (For example: First-person, third person). How do narrators function as a tool of the author to effectively tell a story?

2. Group Work: In Jerusalem's Lot, the narration is told by a main character through letters. In small groups, analyze the...

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