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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who asks Moscow for permission to transfer the Romanovs to Ekaterinburg?
(a) The Duma.
(b) Boris Soloviev.
(c) The Ural Regional Soviet.
(d) The West Siberian Soviet.

2. What happens on March 21, 1917?
(a) Nicholas and Alexandra are assassinated.
(b) Michael abdicates the throne.
(c) Nicholas and Alexandra are arrested for their own safety.
(d) Nicholas abdicates the throne.

3. At one point, a drunken Rasputin is arrested for:
(a) Disturbing the peace.
(b) Public drunkenness.
(c) Attempting to overthrow the government.
(d) Exposing himself.

4. The Grand Duke Michael, Nicholas's brother, tries to bring the royal family to Moscow for what reason?
(a) To keep the treaty with Germany from being signed.
(b) To smuggle them out of Russia.
(c) To stop Trotsky.
(d) To stop Lenin.

5. What is the date by which Rasputin, writing before his death, predicts he will be dead and which, indeed, turns out to be the day his body is found?
(a) January 1, 1917.
(b) January 11, 1917.
(c) January 11, 1916.
(d) January 1, 1916.

Short Answer Questions

1. Family members and friends of the Romanovs believe the revolution is coming from:

2. When Guchkov and Shulgan arrive to confer with Nicholas, to whom does he abdicate his throne in favor of?

3. When Trotsky returns to Russia from New York in May 1917, what is his relationship with Lenin?

4. How many people live together in the five-room upper level given to the Romanovs?

5. When the provisional government is established after the fall of the monarchy, who is elected Vice-Chairman of the Soviet and Minister of Justice?

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