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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Nicholas leaves Tsarskoe Selo, Alexandra takes on the ___________ functions of government in Petrograd.
(a) Legislative.
(b) Administrative.
(c) Ceremonial.
(d) Judicial.

2. What is Colonel Eugene Kobylinsky's political affiliation?
(a) Revolutionary.
(b) Marxist.
(c) Monarchist.
(d) Bolshevik.

3. After the revolution, what are Nicholas and Alexandra known as, respectively, among the Petrograd population?
(a) Nicholas and Alexandra.
(b) Citizen Romanov and Alexandra the German.
(c) Tsar Nicholas and Empress Alexandra.
(d) Citizen Romanov and Citizen Romanova.

4. How do the Romanovs travel for most of the journey to Siberia?
(a) Horseback.
(b) Luxury train.
(c) Regular passenger train.
(d) Horse and carriage.

5. What happens five days after the Tsar relinquishes control of the government?
(a) The entire Romanov family is assassinated.
(b) Alexis hemorrhages.
(c) Revolutionaries storm Tsarskoe Selo.
(d) The government collapses.

Short Answer Questions

1. Under Russian law, what is Kerensky's call for removal of the Tsar?

2. Rasputin's murderers are viewed as ___________ in Petrograd.

3. What happens on March 21, 1917?

4. What percentage of the Russian army are killed, injured or imprisoned by the end of 1914?

5. What is the house in Ekaterinburg where the Romanovs live called?

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