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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To the peasants in the countryside, the death of the peasant Rasputin makes him a _____________.
(a) Martyr.
(b) Peasant.
(c) Fool.
(d) Saint.

2. In March 1917, what illness do three of the Romanov children, plus Anna Vyrubova, have?
(a) Strep throat.
(b) Measles.
(c) Mumps.
(d) Chicken pox.

3. Where do the Romanovs live in Tobolsk?
(a) A palace.
(b) The governor's house.
(c) A prison.
(d) An apartment complex.

4. Who arrests Alexandra on March 21, 1917?
(a) Captain Kotzebue.
(b) General Kotzebue.
(c) General Kornilov.
(d) Captain Kornilov.

5. How do Nicholas and the others keep up on world events after their arrest?
(a) Papers and magazines.
(b) Television and radio.
(c) Spies.
(d) Visitors.

6. What percentage of the Russian army are killed, injured or imprisoned by the end of 1914?
(a) Seventy-five.
(b) Twenty-five.
(c) Twenty.
(d) Ten.

7. Who are Pankratov and Nikolsky loyal to?
(a) The Bolsheviks.
(b) The revolutionaries.
(c) The Tsar.
(d) No one; they were mercenaries.

8. When Trotsky returns to Russia from New York in May 1917, what is his relationship with Lenin?
(a) They work together.
(b) Lenin overpowers Trotsky.
(c) Trotsky overpowers Lenin.
(d) They ignore each other.

9. By the summer of 1915, the Tsar is at the front, but is in actuality a figurehead. Who is actually in charge of the army?
(a) Michael Vasilevich Alexeiev.
(b) Empress Alexandra.
(c) Grand Duke Nicholas.
(d) Prime Minister Stolypin.

10. How do the Romanovs travel for most of the journey to Siberia?
(a) Regular passenger train.
(b) Luxury train.
(c) Horse and carriage.
(d) Horseback.

11. Boris Soloviev, the ___________ of Rasputin, moves to Tyumen to try to help the Romanovs escape and, indeed, becomes famous as the man who tries to rescue them.
(a) Cousin.
(b) Son-in-law.
(c) Son.
(d) Nephew.

12. On what date are the Romanovs murdered?
(a) July 16, 1917.
(b) July 16, 1918.
(c) June 16, 1918.
(d) June 16, 1917.

13. Why are the Romanovs not willing to escape, even though monarchist organizations triesd to help them?
(a) Nicholas doesn't want to leave Russia.
(b) Nicholas doesn't want the family separated.
(c) Nicholas refuses to believe he has lost his throne.
(d) Nicholas thinks his abdication is only temporary.

14. Who works out a truce to keep the Alexander Palace from being attacked by the revolutionaries?
(a) The military.
(b) The Church.
(c) The Duma.
(d) The Tsar.

15. In November, after the Bolsheviks take key positions in Petrograd and Kerensky goes into hiding, with him go the dream of a _________ Russia.
(a) Democratic.
(b) Parliamentarian.
(c) Republican.
(d) Monarchist.

Short Answer Questions

1. What year do the Germans target as the year to force the Russians out of the war?

2. Why do the Russians turn away from Vienna and Budapest just as they are about to take them over?

3. Vasily Pankratov and Alexander Nikolsky take charge of the Romanovs from Kobylinsky in what month in 1917?

4. Which Rasputin ally is appointed as Vice-President of the Duma in October 1916?

5. How many wartime letters from Alexandra to Nicholas are found in Ekaterinburg after the revolution?

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