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Robert K. Massie
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the Russians turn away from Vienna and Budapest just as they are about to take them over?
(a) They run out of food.
(b) To assist the French against the Germans.
(c) They run out of ammunition.
(d) To fight against the revolutionaries in their own country.

2. As a "starets" or man of God, what is Rasputin specifically considered to be?
(a) An exorcist.
(b) A miracle healer.
(c) An apostle.
(d) An evangelist.

3. What does Rasputin do as a child that earns him a reputation as a seer?
(a) He identifies a horse thief.
(b) He identifies a murderer.
(c) He identifies a rapist.
(d) He identifies a bank robber.

4. Russia's 1905 defeat in the Straits of Tsushima shapes its naval strategy for which future war?
(a) World War II.
(b) The Gulf War.
(c) The Cold War.
(d) World War I.

5. Why does Russia negotiate a ninety-nine-year lease with China on Port Arthur?
(a) It gives Russia an ice-free port.
(b) It gives Russia a way to get supplies to Siberia by sea.
(c) It gives Russia a foot in the door with the Chinese.
(d) It gives Russia an eastern port.

Short Answer Questions

1. What year do the Germans target as the year to force the Russians out of the war?

2. How much of the Russian army is destroyed by the summer of 1915?

3. In which member of the European royal family does the hemophilia gene first appear as a spontaneous mutation?

4. What German author's writings influence Lenin?

5. When Austria presents an ultimatum to Serbia, what is Serbia's first reaction?

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