Objects & Places from Nicholas and Alexandra

Robert K. Massie
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Moscow - This city is the capital of Russia. It is the center of the commerce, trade and transportation for the country.

St. Petersburg - This city is located on the river Neva. It is where the Winter Palace is located and also the area where the Tsar Alexander and Empress Marie preferred to reside.

Gatchina - This city is the site of a palace where the Tsar Alexander III prefers to live.

Hesse Darnstadt - This is the name of the grand duchy in Germany that is the home of Princess Alix.

London - This city is the home of Queen Victoria, who is the grandmother of Princess Alix.

Simbirsk - This place is a town on the Volga River where Kerensky and Lenin grow up.

Shushenskoe - This place is a town in Siberia near the Mongolian border where Lenin spend three years in exile...

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