Nicholas and Alexandra Fun Activities

Robert K. Massie
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Mission: Romanov

Develop a proposal for a video game that is centered around a plot to rescue the Romanovs before they are assassinated.

Up in Lights

Write a screenplay for a movie based on Nicholas and Alexandra. Whom do you cast in the lead roles, and why?

Battle Plans

Imagine you are the commander in charge of Russia's military. Draw up battle plans that change the course of one of the following events described in the book in a manner that is beneficial to Russia and/or preserves the monarchy:

1) The Battle of the Straits of Tsushima

2) Battling Austria in early WWI

3) The Revolution and end of the monarchy

Royalty for a Day

Imagine you are one of the Romanovs (pre-collapse of the monarchy) and develop an itinerary that describes what, for you, is the perfect day as a member of Russia's royal family. In your itinerary, be...

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