Nicholas and Alexandra Character Descriptions

Robert K. Massie
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Nicholas II - This person is the last Emperor of Russia.

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov - This person goes by the name of Lenin and is one of the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Gregory Rasputi - This person is a Russian peasant who is said to be a faith healer and a starets (Man of God).

Alix - This is the German name of the princess from Hesse-Darmstadt, a grand duchy in Germany, who becomes Empress of Russia.

His Imperial Highness Alexis Nicolaievich - This heir to the Russian throne suffering from hemophilia.

Sergius Witte - This person authors the Imperial Manifesto, which gives Russia a constitution and a parliament, but immediately takes away many of its provisions in an attempt to maintain his own good standing with the Tsar.

Father George Gapon - This person is a priest who works for the Minister of the Interior...

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