Nicholas and Alexandra Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robert K. Massie
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• The Tsar rules the Russian empire, which as of the end of the nineteenth century has a population of 130 million and covers one-sixth of the earth's land.

• Most of the Russian population are peasants; they are not allowed to complain about their conditions. If they do, the Tsar sends Cossacks to bring them back into compliance.

• The capital of Russia is Moscow; however, the Tsar and his family live in St. Petersburg. As of Chapter 1, the Tsar of Russia is Alexander III, the father of Nicholas.

• Alexander raises Nicholas and his four brothers and sisters in Spartan circumstances. The children bath in cold water and often go hungry at meals because they are not only the last served, but have to leave the table when their father does.

• Nicholas, the heir to Russia's throne, becomes a playboy after he finishes his schooling. He has...

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