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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the father in the poem referenced in Chapter 14 finally conclude?

2. Which famous author's daughter suddenly died at the age of 24?

3. Intimate male-female relationships are rare because of what?

4. The title of Chapter 12 lists what?

5. According to a psychologist in Chapter 13, husbands and wives are each other's what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Which necessary loss is discussed in Chapter 12?

2. According to Freud, is it unusual to have sexual feelings toward friends? How does this impact our friendships with the opposite sex?

3. How does baggage from childhood put pressure on a marriage?

4. Why does our focus shift in middle age to discovering our family's history?

5. How did Viorst's three friends approach death differently?

6. What are a few of the difficulties of a marriage relationship mentioned in Chapter 13?

7. What are some of the different types of loss and mourning discussed in Chapter 16? Do we experience them all in the same way?

8. Other than a parent, what other things impact who a child becomes?

9. Name the five stages of dying described by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Briefly describe each stage.

10. Viorst suggests two necessary losses in Chapter 14. Name one of them.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the process of us becoming our own person. How is our identity primarily formed? What pitfalls may we encounter along the way? How do our parents influence the process? Do they hinder or encourage the discovery of our primary self?

Essay Topic 2

Using support from the book, explore the poem by Maxine Kumin entitled, "After Love." How does this poem support the author's stance that we all seek a substitute for the loss of oneness with our mother through other means? How does a moment like the one the poet describes fulfill our need, though temporarily, to feel oneness again?

Essay Topic 3

Our desire to have our parents' love all to ourselves is often most obviously expressed after the birth of a sibling. Discuss the ways in which children try to cope and deal with these strong feelings. Be sure to use stories and support from the book.

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