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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Viorst describing when she said they fought death like a championship game?

2. Levinson calls a mid-life crisis what?

3. How many stages are there in the journey towards death according to Kubler-Ross?

4. A man in his forties confessed to Viorst that he reviewed his life insurance policy after he was diagnosed with what?

5. What is it called when someone keeps everything just the same after someone dies?

Short Essay Questions

1. What types of unexpected emotions can we feel towards friends? How do they impact our friendships?

2. How did Viorst's three friends approach death differently?

3. Viorst describes a sort of "opposites attract" type marriage relationship where each party meets a neurotic need of the other party. What did she call this type of arrangement?

4. According to Freud, is it unusual to have sexual feelings toward friends? How does this impact our friendships with the opposite sex?

5. In thinking about losses as a lifelong theme, name some of the juxtapositions that Viorst discusses in Chapter 20.

6. What is the fundamental tension in all man-woman marriages?

7. According to the book, when does the way we will handle aging begin?

8. What impact does middle age tend to have on a marriage?

9. Name the five stages of dying described by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Briefly describe each stage.

10. What is described as the ultimate separation in Chapter 18?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the different times of life that are covered in the book. What is similar about them? What is different? What are some life lessons you can take away that may help you navigate the developmental stages you have yet to experience?

Essay Topic 2

It seems as though everyone wants to live on beyond their physical life. Discuss ways in which people can live on after their death. Use support from the book and personal experiences. How would you hope to live on beyond death?

Essay Topic 3

What important steps in human development take place at middle age? Discuss how we continue to define who we are through this process.

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