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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Chapter 9, how do we eventually resolve the Oedipus complex?

2. Chapter 3 addresses how the "Private I" is the person who lives underneath the facade that is created in order to ___________ those around them.

3. Why does Viorst think some people fear success?

4. According to Chapter 7, what destroys the innocence of the family bond?

5. Who said, "To be a man, a woman, an adult, is to accept responsibility"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Growing up means what, according to Chapter 10?

2. Why is Chapter 1 entitled, "The High Cost of Separation"?

3. What support does Viorst give to the Cinderella Complex?

4. Why do children experience sibling rivalry?

5. How does the author propose that some men compensate for their envy of a woman's ability to have children?

6. Describe the four stages of standing alone.

7. What does our superego have to do with resolving the Oedipus complex?

8. Describe repetition compulsion and what we may be trying to accomplish through it.

9. What did Alfred Adler note about the relationship between siblings and how it influences who we become as adults?

10. What are the four stages of human development that many analysts agree upon and how are they similar to each other?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Using support from the book, discuss whether the differences between males and females are innate or cultural.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast normal/healthy mourning with that of chronic mourning, according to the book. How are they similar? What is different about the process of chronic mourning? Can grief be resolved through either process?

Essay Topic 3

When mothers who reject our dependency push us from the nest too soon, the author says, we "adapt, or crumple, or compromise." Discuss the ways in which children can respond to each individual situation. In what ways can parents help children through such an experience? Why do you feel parents sometimes prematurely demand independence from their children?

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