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Short Answer Questions

1. Which two psychologists believe that the contacts between infant and mother produce a "deep libidinal pleasure"?

2. Mrs. C slept in the same bed as her mother until she was how old?

3. Viorst feels that only through _____________ can "our loss be transcended."

4. What two feelings battle each other at every stage of development?

5. Which character claimed that, "I am a part of all that I have met."

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Alfred Adler note about the relationship between siblings and how it influences who we become as adults?

2. Why do psychologists think the "Mommy and I Are One" experiments worked?

3. What are the four stages of human development that many analysts agree upon and how are they similar to each other?

4. Why were Hansel and Gretel so close to each other relationally?

5. What does our superego have to do with resolving the Oedipus complex?

6. Why is Chapter 1 entitled, "The High Cost of Separation"?

7. Why do children experience sibling rivalry?

8. What did Stanley Milgram's experiment reveal about people?

9. How does the author propose that some men compensate for their envy of a woman's ability to have children?

10. According to psychoanalyst Margaret Mahler, what is our "psychological birth" ?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examining the many negative traits of marriage discussed in Chapter 13, arrive at a personal conclusion as to whether the marriage relationship is worth the effort or not. Support your stance with examples from the book and your real life experiences.

Essay Topic 2

Using support from the book, explore the poem by Maxine Kumin entitled, "After Love." How does this poem support the author's stance that we all seek a substitute for the loss of oneness with our mother through other means? How does a moment like the one the poet describes fulfill our need, though temporarily, to feel oneness again?

Essay Topic 3

Chapter 11 details the positive and negative aspects of our dreams and fantasies. Compare and contrast fantasy versus reality using ideas from the book. How are they similar? How are they different? Do they serve the same purpose?

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