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Short Answer Questions

1. "Our conscience is our _____________ installed in our mind."

2. Why does Viorst say we "need the controls provided by guilt"?

3. How does Viorst purport that we form an identification of "I"?

4. Which person coined the phrase Cinderella Complex?

5. According to Chapter 11, what is built of imperfect connections?

Short Essay Questions

1. Viorst lists many things that healthy adults know. Name two.

2. According to psychoanalyst Margaret Mahler, what is our "psychological birth" ?

3. According to Chapter 9, what kind of person lacks guilt?

4. Using an example from the book, describe ways in which the Oedipus complex can play out in the lives of adults.

5. Why is Chapter 1 entitled, "The High Cost of Separation"?

6. Why did Freud name it the Oedipus complex?

7. Discuss some of the means, covered in Chapter 2, by which we attempt to restore oneness with our mothers.

8. Describe the four stages of standing alone.

9. Who first discovered the Oedipus complex? How did he/she describe it?

10. How does the author propose that some men compensate for their envy of a woman's ability to have children?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sigmund Freud first discovered and described the Oedipus complex. Write an essay about the beginning of this complex, why it was named after Oedipus, and how it continues to impact modern psychology. Using support from the book and your own life, discuss why or why not you may agree or disagree with Freud and Viorst's view of this theory.

Essay Topic 2

When mothers who reject our dependency push us from the nest too soon, the author says, we "adapt, or crumple, or compromise." Discuss the ways in which children can respond to each individual situation. In what ways can parents help children through such an experience? Why do you feel parents sometimes prematurely demand independence from their children?

Essay Topic 3

It seems as though everyone wants to live on beyond their physical life. Discuss ways in which people can live on after their death. Use support from the book and personal experiences. How would you hope to live on beyond death?

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