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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Cinderella Complex says that women are programmed for what?
(a) Being a maid.
(b) Dependency.
(c) Helplessness.
(d) Motherhood.

2. Viorst feels that there is a always a grain of what in our love relationships?
(a) A grain of hatred.
(b) A grain of jealousy.
(c) A grain of insecurity.
(d) A grain of spite.

3. According to Art Buchwald, what are "the three worst words in the language"?
(a) Jewish, urchin, institution.
(b) Isolated, hopeless, angry.
(c) Hebrew, orphan, asylum.
(d) Lonely, stray, hospital.

4. What Christmas gift caused Brooke Hayward so much anguish when asked if her little sister could play with it?
(a) A bike.
(b) A dollhouse.
(c) A set of artist's paints.
(d) A pair of roller skates.

5. Who wrote the book, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret?
(a) Madeleine L'Engle
(b) J.K. Rowling
(c) Judy Blume
(d) Beverly Cleary

Short Answer Questions

1. As children, Viorst thinks we test reality with what?

2. As adults, we are able to see ourselves as in control, not as ___________.

3. De-identification can help siblings feel superior in different ways, but it can also lead to what negative result?

4. There are _______ unanswered questions about the innate differences between the sexes.

5. Viorst states that what kind of parents are sexually attracted to their child?

Short Essay Questions

1. What support does Viorst give to the Cinderella Complex?

2. Why is Chapter 1 entitled, "The High Cost of Separation"?

3. Endocrinologist Estelle Ramey uses what example to support her theory that virtually all differences between male and female are cultural?

4. What happens when we do not behave in accordance with our conscience?

5. When a child sees a mother as all-good or all-bad, how can this affect their future relationships?

6. According to Viorst, why is it okay to have fantasies that are inappropriate if they aren't acted upon?

7. According to psychoanalyst Margaret Mahler, what is our "psychological birth" ?

8. Describe the four stages of standing alone.

9. Why did Art Buchwald, journalist and friend of the author, say that he understands about "scars on the brain"?

10. Excessive punishment of ourselves rests on the illusion of what?

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