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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which famous family does Viorst mention in Chapter 15?
(a) The Vanderbilts.
(b) The Carnegies.
(c) The Kennedys.
(d) The Windsors.

2. What's the title of the book?
(a) Living is Loss.
(b) Necessary Losses.
(c) Ups and Downs.
(d) Impossible Expectations.

3. Viorst quotes this book, written by Kathrin Perutz, in Chapter 13.
(a) The Most Complicated Relationship.
(b) Marriage is Hell.
(c) Heaven on Earth.
(d) I Hate You, Too.

4. As our parents grow old, get sick, and die, we learn to do what in relation to imperfect connections?
(a) Give thanks.
(b) Ignore them and continue on our own path.
(c) Stop complaining about them.
(d) Work them out.

5. Chapter 18 refers to which famous character as the ultimate retiree?
(a) Romeo.
(b) Oedipus.
(c) Hamlet.
(d) King Lear.

6. Which of the following psychoanalysts said we create religion to "exorcise the terrors" of nature?
(a) Erich Fromm.
(b) Sigmund Freud.
(c) Erik Erikson.
(d) Stanley Greenspan.

7. In this book, mentioned in Chapter 12, it is stated that despite sexual feelings toward friends of the same sex, individuals need not necessarily define themselves as "homosexual." What is the name of the book?
(a) Friends and Lovers in the College Years.
(b) Friends and Lovers for Life.
(c) Intimacy and Friendship Through College.
(d) My Friend Pat.

8. According to a psychologist in Chapter 13, husbands and wives are each other's what?
(a) Greatest lovers.
(b) Best friends.
(c) Intimate enemies.
(d) Coping mechanism.

9. What is the name of the son in Death of a Salesman that Viorst uses as an example of the restricting roles some parents foist on their children?
(a) Jonathan.
(b) William.
(c) Jeff.
(d) Biff.

10. Parents have trouble seeing their children as what?
(a) Separate people.
(b) Competent humans.
(c) A part of themselves.
(d) Anything but perfect.

11. What is the key achievement of mid-life according to Viorst?
(a) Letting loose and exploring unfulfilled dreams.
(b) Getting the children out of the house.
(c) Moving our parents to a nursing home.
(d) Uniting ourselves with reality and achieving balance.

12. In our middle years, we may seek to reconnect with our _____________.
(a) Cousins.
(b) Roots.
(c) Elementary school friends.
(d) Family roles.

(a) The New York Times.
(b) The Chicago Tribune.
(c) The Washington Post.
(d) The Wall Street Journal.

14. Who else, besides mothers, links separation and danger?
(a) Grandmothers.
(b) Nannies.
(c) Aunts.
(d) Fathers.

15. What does this line from a poem by Longfellow tell us about old age? "Goethe at Weimar, toiling to the last, Completed Faust when eighty years were past."
(a) Goethe must have really enjoyed his work.
(b) Faust isn't very good because it was written by an elderly person.
(c) It's never too late.
(d) Aging is hard work.

Short Answer Questions

1. Viorst says, "Losing is the price we pay for __________."

2. According to Viorst, the different roles we assign ourselves keep life interesting and fluid, rather than _____________.

3. The title of Chapter 12 lists what?

4. Who said the following? "Now she is aware of some of the losses you incur by being here -- the extraordinary rent you have to pay as long as you stay."

5. What was the name of the married woman with four children, mentioned in Chapter 12, who formed a non-sexual friendship with another man?

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