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Loss - This theme is a natural part of living and continues to repeat itself in different forms throughout our lives.

Ultimate Connection - This theme is the symbiotic relationship we have with our mothers.

Narcissist - Excessively self-adoring with an absence of stable internal self-love, this type of person uses others for self-enhancement.

Oedipus Complex - This label involves our seeking the basic relationship that we had with our parents, which can sometimes manifest itself in inappropriate ways.

Cinderella Complex - This is a phenomenon regarding the tendency of women to fear independence.

Adolescent Angst - Typical issues that cause anxiety for teenagers.

Sibling Rivalry - The phenomenon of brothers or sisters competing for parental love and attention.

Grief - The process of mourning a loss, sometimes described in stages.

Regression - The process of reverting to an earlier stage of life as a method for...

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