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Short Answer Questions

1. During Part 3, Chapter 2, what is one thing Hearn realizes he must rely on Croft for?

2. After Wilson dies, how does Ridges feel regarding God?

3. After firing a cannon to relieve some tension, Cummings returns to his tent feeling very good. He finds his journal which he keeps locked and begins to write, by the time he has finished his entry, how does Cummings feel about his words?

4. What job is Dalleson most confident at performing?

5. How does Martinez feel about not taking the dead Japanese soldier's watch?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose one of the main themes in this book. Write an essay discussing the theme and provide example supporting why you think is if a main theme for the story.

Essay Topic 2

This story takes place during WWII, while some of the man are new to the army and possible have been drafted, others have been in the army for some time and plan to remain in the army. It is likely that some men have experienced or will experience life in the army in America as this issue is discussed among the soldiers.

1) How was being in the Army different on the island compared to being in the Army in America?

2) Why do you think differences existed?

3) Explain how the men's actions and relationship might have been if they were stationed in America during the war.

Essay Topic 3

Choose one topic to discuss. Be sure to include the name of the characters(s) you choose. The basic situation that led to the conflict. Describe the conflict from both sides. Discuss the end result of the conflict. Discuss how the character(s) was changed after the conflict.

1) Conflict between two or more men in the story.

2) Conflict between a man and his environment.

3) Conflict between a man and himself.

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