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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 3, Chapter 1, why does Hearn feel he will have a difficult time with Croft?
(a) Croft is Hearn's superior.
(b) Croft is friends with Cummings.
(c) Hearn is his superior.
(d) Croft does not like anyone.

2. What does Hearn think of Wilson's injury?
(a) Wilson will get more attention.
(b) It has spoiled the mission.
(c) It is not too bad.
(d) Hearn is glad it was not him.

3. After firing a cannon to relieve some tension, Cummings returns to his tent feeling very good. He finds his journal which he keeps locked and begins to write, by the time he has finished his entry, how does Cummings feel about his words?
(a) They are meaningless.
(b) They have no substance.
(c) They are wise.
(d) They are truthful.

4. What does Croft eventually realize about the hike up the mountain?
(a) It is too great of a task.
(b) They should reach the top by sundown.
(c) They do not have enough food.
(d) It will be the turning point of the battle.

5. What is the name of the mountain Croft is determined to climb?
(a) Mount Anaka.
(b) Mount Motome.
(c) Mount Anopopei.
(d) Mount Toykau.

Short Answer Questions

1. During Brown's flashback, what does he dream of studying in college?

2. What does Cummings believe is the way to power?

3. The groups of men carrying Wilson back to the beach are beginning to have a difficult time. They are tired and running out of water, additionally they are beginning to fight, who suggests the men leave Wilson behind?

4. As he is being carried through the jungle to the beach, Wilson dies. What do the men carrying Wilson do after he dies?

5. Roth thinks about how how angry he is at Croft and feels he would do a better job as a leader and would be nicer to his men. Unconsciously he thinks about his own past actions and hopes they do not bring him bad luck. What negative actions does Roth fear might bring him bad luck?

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