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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Roth thinks about how how angry he is at Croft and feels he would do a better job as a leader and would be nicer to his men. Unconsciously he thinks about his own past actions and hopes they do not bring him bad luck. What negative actions does Roth fear might bring him bad luck?
(a) His behavior as a debt collector.
(b) Seeing the dead.
(c) Thinking negatively.
(d) How he treats his wife.

2. In Part 3, Chapter 1, Hearn has been placed in charge of the reconnaissance mission. How far will he and his men have to travel to spy on the Japanese soldiers?
(a) 30 miles
(b) 50 miles
(c) 40 miles
(d) 10 miles

3. What does Ridges do that causes him to becomes emotional?
(a) Refuses to continue.
(b) Fights with Gallagher.
(c) Puts Wilson out of his misery.
(d) Tries to save Wilson's soul.

4. Which soldier stays with the soldier who pretends to faint?
(a) Ridges.
(b) Brown.
(c) Goldstein.
(d) Stanley.

5. What is Croft's intention in telling Hearn there are no Japanese guarding the pass and in sending him and a group of men to patrol?
(a) Hearn would begin to trust Croft.
(b) Hearn would give up command.
(c) Croft would be seen as a hero.
(d) Hearn would be killed.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 3, Chapter 7, Hearn is seeking Martinez's advice on what the troops should do. What does Hearn decide to do with the troops?

2. How is the leader of the patrol through pass killed?

3. During Brown's flashback, what does he dream of studying in college?

4. Croft's anger with the men increases as they begin to slow down and hold up the mission. Which soldier, in particular, frequently falls and holds up the others?

5. After failing out of college, what profession did Brown take up?

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