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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 2, Chapter 5, as Roth thinks about his wife, what can the reader guess about her feelings toward him?
(a) She wishes to have children.
(b) She thinks he worthless.
(c) She loves Roth.
(d) She thinks he is sucessful.

2. While some of the men are on the beach preparing their sleeping areas and fox holes, what does Stanley do to irritate Ridges?
(a) Jokes Ridges about losing the poker game last night.
(b) Gives Ridges the grunt work.
(c) Kicks sand back in the hole Ridges is digging.
(d) Teases Ridges about being afraid of war.

3. During Part 1, Chapter 1, what does Wilson daydream of doing on the island?
(a) Relaxing.
(b) Fighting.
(c) Manufacturing liquor.
(d) Selling fruit.

4. Wilson tells the men he has another woman in Kansas. What is his reason for liking her more than his own wife?
(a) She is a better cook.
(b) She is wealthy.
(c) She is better in bed.
(d) She keeps the house clean.

5. In Part 2, Chapter 2, who does Mantelli send to Croft's platoon?
(a) Cummings.
(b) Glodstein .
(c) Roth.
(d) Brown.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Martinez refuse to be in charge of other men?

2. Who does Stanley begin to lose respect for after his promotion?

3. Hearn has a flashback about his childhood. How is his mother described during this flashback?

4. In Part 2, Chapter 9, how is the life of these soldiers described?

5. In Part 2, Chapter 6, who is in charge of setting up the recreation tent?

Short Essay Questions

1. What seems to be Ridges main concern or frustration when the stretcher with Wilson on it is washed away?

2. Why do the men continue to march up the mountain despite their attempts and threats to quit?

3. Why does Red reject Hearn's offer to be promoted to corporal?

4. How is Cummings use of the destroyer unnecessary?

5. Polack and Minetta discuss wearing dirty clothes. What are each man's thoughts on this?

6. During Part 2, Chapter 7, what does Martinez do in the souvenir hut?

7. What is the general mood on board of the ship as the men leave the island?

8. What are Croft's feelings aboutHearn joining the platoon?

9. How does the narrator describe the pace of Ridges and Goldstein as they carry Wilson through the jungle?

10. What is the bird in Part 3, Chapter 5 symbolic of? And how do Croft's actions confirm the symbolism?

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