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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During Red's flashback the reader learns that Red began work at an early age. What type of work did Red do from age 13 to 18?
(a) Factory work.
(b) Grocery.
(c) Mining.
(d) Construction.

2. In Part 2, Chapter 8, how does Wakara feel around the other men?
(a) Uncomfortable.
(b) Superior.
(c) Welcomed.
(d) Frightened.

3. How does Minetta think the injured are treated?
(a) With speical treatment.
(b) Indifferent.
(c) With compassion.
(d) Like dogs.

4. What is Cummings motive behind assigning Hearn tasks such as bringing him fresh flowers and taking liquor to the officer's mess tent?
(a) Revenge.
(b) Possible promotion.
(c) Humiliation.
(d) He does not want Hearn fighting.

5. The men were taking a break and relaxing on the beach, as the men are talking, Croft becomes angry and fires a shot into the woods, what happens next that creates fear and panic?
(a) Fighting among the men.
(b) An air strike.
(c) A storm.
(d) Japanese open fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 2, Chapter 5, as Roth thinks about his wife, what can the reader guess about her feelings toward him?

2. What does Hearn request of Cummings in Part 2, Chapter 11?

3. One evening Brown and Stanley are in their bunks talking. What topic are they discussing?

4. In the beginning of Part 2, Chapter 3, what is Conn complaining about in the officer's mess hall?

5. What natural landmark is on the island?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Part 1, Chapter 2, why is Martinez compared to a deer?

2. How does Hearn's insecurity show in Part 3, Chapter 2?

3. Describe Dalleson's advancement in the army and how he feels about his current position.

4. After carrying Wilson and enduring the heat and exhaustion, why didn't the men leave Wilson behind?

5. What does Cummings think about the campaign in general?

6. How did Wakara feel about Japan as a child compared to how he feels about it as an adult?

7. How does Minetta's plan to be moved to the mental ward backfire?

8. Describe Croft's recurring nightmare.

9. In the end what was the total death count?

10. What does the descriptive text imply about the tone of the opening scene of chapter 1?

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