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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 3, Chapter 2, why does Hearn allow Croft to take control?
(a) Hearn is not confident in himself.
(b) Croft knows the men better.
(c) Croft has more experience.
(d) Hearn is tired.

2. What does Minetta fantasize about?
(a) Blowing off his foot.
(b) Women.
(c) Being home.
(d) Killing Croft.

3. Which soldier states he will re-enlist?
(a) Red.
(b) Martinez.
(c) Gallagher.
(d) Goldstein.

4. In Part 3, Chapter 14, what does Red feel he needs from the other men?
(a) Support.
(b) Food.
(c) Validation.
(d) Money.

5. In Part 2, Chapter 13, after further conflict with Hearn, what does Cummings decide to do?
(a) Have Hearn court-martialed.
(b) Have Hearn demoted.
(c) Have Hearn lead a reconnaissance patrol.
(d) Have Hearn transferred again.

6. What does Ridges do that causes him to becomes emotional?
(a) Tries to save Wilson's soul.
(b) Fights with Gallagher.
(c) Puts Wilson out of his misery.
(d) Refuses to continue.

7. In Part 3, Chapter 7, Hearn is seeking Martinez's advice on what the troops should do. What does Hearn decide to do with the troops?
(a) Give them leave.
(b) Continue toward the mountian.
(c) Give control to Croft.
(d) Turn back.

8. Roth thinks about how how angry he is at Croft and feels he would do a better job as a leader and would be nicer to his men. Unconsciously he thinks about his own past actions and hopes they do not bring him bad luck. What negative actions does Roth fear might bring him bad luck?
(a) Thinking negatively.
(b) His behavior as a debt collector.
(c) How he treats his wife.
(d) Seeing the dead.

9. How does Martinez feel about not taking the dead Japanese soldier's watch?
(a) Unmanly.
(b) Happy with himself.
(c) Honorable.
(d) Disapointed in himself.

10. In Part 3, Chapter 7, Hearn makes a decision about his future that he know will cause the enlisted men and officers to hate him. What is his decision?
(a) Court-martial those who did not follow his orders.
(b) Resign his commission.
(c) Inform his superiors of the men's fears.
(d) Kill Croft.

11. How long does Cummings suspect it will take for men to breach the Toyaku Line?
(a) 2 hours.
(b) 2 weeks.
(c) 2 days.
(d) 3 days.

12. What reason does Minetta give for Goldstein feeling sorry about a man who died in the hospital?
(a) He is geniune.
(b) He is Jewish.
(c) He is not a man.
(d) He is scared.

13. What does Croft do when Roth finds the injured bird?
(a) Let's it go.
(b) Makes fun of Roth for caring for it.
(c) Kills it.
(d) Cares for it.

14. In Part 3, Chapter 5, at night Wilson is very vocal. How does Brown try to keep him quiet?
(a) Gives him pain killers.
(b) Reads him letters from home.
(c) Massages his head.
(d) Gives his whiskey.

15. During a flashback of Cummings, the reader learns that he enjoyed sewing and sketching as a child, however his father did not approve. What was his father's action upon learning Cummings was partaking in womanly activities?
(a) His father did nothing.
(b) His father took him to work at his factory.
(c) He was forbidden to continue the activites.
(d) He was sent to military school.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was wrong with the reports Cummings received about the Japanese bivouac?

2. What happens when the troop begins crossing the field?

3. Which soldier stays with the soldier who pretends to faint?

4. What does Cummings believe is the way to power?

5. What does Martinez hope to gain by remaining loyal to the Army?

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