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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 1, Chapter 2, why does Hennessey run out of the foxhole?
(a) He wants to attack the Japanese.
(b) He soils his pants.
(c) The hole is bombed.
(d) He is saving a friend.

2. What natural landmark is on the island?
(a) Volcano.
(b) Mountain range
(c) Waterfall.
(d) Lake.

3. During Gallagher's flashback, what organization does the reader learn he joined as a teenager?
(a) The Young Republicans.
(b) Christians United.
(c) Jehovah Witness.
(d) The Communist Party.

4. What is the tone of Part 1, Chapter 1?
(a) Excitment.
(b) Fear.
(c) Terror.
(d) Happiness.

5. Who is Major Dalleson's assistant?
(a) Red.
(b) Wakara.
(c) Leach.
(d) Wilson.

6. How does Brown feel about being a sergeant?
(a) Resentful.
(b) Proud.
(c) Privileged.
(d) Unlucky.

7. What is Wilson's reason for not telling the woman in Kansas about his wife?
(a) He does not want to commit.
(b) He does not really want to be with her.
(c) He does not want to get divorced.
(d) She may know his wife.

8. In Part 2, Chapter 12, why does Red decide to go to the hospital?
(a) He is shot in the leg.
(b) He has chronic headaches.
(c) To get out of fighting.
(d) He has been experiencing kidney pain.

9. Wilson tells the men he has another woman in Kansas. What is his reason for liking her more than his own wife?
(a) She is a better cook.
(b) She is wealthy.
(c) She is better in bed.
(d) She keeps the house clean.

10. What subject did Roth study in college?
(a) Chemistry.
(b) Accounting.
(c) Medicine.
(d) Botany.

11. How many letters does the dead soldier Hennessey receive?
(a) 10.
(b) 20.
(c) 15.
(d) 30.

12. In the beginning of Part 2, Chapter 5, what is Roth dreaming of when Minetta woke him up?
(a) His wife.
(b) Home.
(c) Fighting.
(d) Butterflies.

13. What is the relationship between Cummings and Hearn like?
(a) Tense.
(b) Complicated.
(c) Friendly.
(d) Indifferent.

14. During Part 2, Chapter 8, what are most of the soldiers doing?
(a) Relaxing on the beach.
(b) Building a road.
(c) Fighting the Japanese.
(d) Reparing their tents.

15. What does Croft do with the Japanese soldier who did not die from the grenade?
(a) Shoots him right away.
(b) Ties him up.
(c) Lets him go.
(d) Takes him prisoner.

Short Answer Questions

1. During Part 1, Chapter 1, what does Wilson daydream of doing on the island?

2. In Part 1, Chapter 2, what does Croft think about himself?

3. What events led to Croft joining the Army?

4. What is Cummings motive behind assigning Hearn tasks such as bringing him fresh flowers and taking liquor to the officer's mess tent?

5. Which character is noticeably more nervous then the others?

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