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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Wilson's reason for not telling the woman in Kansas about his wife?
(a) She may know his wife.
(b) He does not want to commit.
(c) He does not want to get divorced.
(d) He does not really want to be with her.

2. After Minetta is injured and taken to the hospital, what does he do to delay going back to combat?
(a) Gets into a fight hoping he will be court martialed.
(b) Fakes being mentally ill.
(c) Claims he is ill.
(d) Sneaks out of the hospital.

3. In the beginning of Part 2, Chapter 3, what is Conn complaining about in the officer's mess hall?
(a) Women.
(b) The Japanese.
(c) Labor unions.
(d) Taxes.

4. What do the troops take from the dead Japanese major?
(a) His guns.
(b) Shoes.
(c) A diary.
(d) Maps of the island.

5. What natural landmark is on the island?
(a) Lake.
(b) Waterfall.
(c) Mountain range
(d) Volcano.

6. As the book opens, which solider is not taking the card game seriously and offers to give back some of his winnings?
(a) Gallagher.
(b) Levy.
(c) Wilson.
(d) Croft.

7. By Part 2, Chapter 2, why has Croft become frustrated on the island?
(a) He feels his platoon is only on labor duties.
(b) He feels his platoon does not have enough dry clothes.
(c) He feels his platoon needs more men.
(d) He feels his platoon is fighting too much.

8. What events led to Croft joining the Army?
(a) His wife cheated on him and he hit her.
(b) He was discharged from the National Guard.
(c) His wife found out he cheated on her.
(d) His desire to kill something grew.

9. What ulterior motive does Cummings have for his relationship with Hearn?
(a) Friendship.
(b) Sexual.
(c) Brotherly.
(d) Fatherly.

10. While some of the men are on the beach preparing their sleeping areas and fox holes, what does Stanley do to irritate Ridges?
(a) Teases Ridges about being afraid of war.
(b) Gives Ridges the grunt work.
(c) Jokes Ridges about losing the poker game last night.
(d) Kicks sand back in the hole Ridges is digging.

11. As Gallagher thinks about the past, why is he upset about the post office job?
(a) He did not pass the employment test.
(b) A Jewish alderman's nephew got the job.
(c) He was called to war before he could start work.
(d) He was fired from the job.

12. In Part 2, Chapter 6, who is in charge of setting up the recreation tent?
(a) Roth.
(b) Hearn.
(c) Martinez.
(d) Cummings.

13. What does Croft do with the Japanese soldier who did not die from the grenade?
(a) Shoots him right away.
(b) Ties him up.
(c) Lets him go.
(d) Takes him prisoner.

14. What happens physically to Cummings as things begin to go wrong?
(a) He suffers from vomiting.
(b) He suffers from headaches.
(c) He develops a twitch.
(d) He suffers from diarrhea.

15. Goldstein thinks about opening a business with his wife. What type of business does he want to open?
(a) Bakery.
(b) Welding.
(c) Insurance.
(d) Clothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. When fresh food arrives, how does Cummings divided it between the 180 soldiers and 38 officers?

2. Why is Cummings upset about when reviewing the air operations reports?

3. In the beginning of Part 2, Chapter 7, who throws the grenade at the Japanese soldiers?

4. How does Brown feel about being a sergeant?

5. Who is the only man to feel sorry about Hennessey's death?

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