The Naked and the Dead Character Descriptions

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Sergeant William Brown - This character is young and insecure as a soldier. He is also obsessed with the thought of his wife cheating on him.

Staff Sergeant Sam Croft - This character leads the Intelligence and Reconnaissance platoon of Headquarters Company of the 460th Infantry Regiment. This character plans another man's death in an effort to regain control of the platoon.

General Cummings - This character is the commander of the invading American forces on Anopopei. While this character believes in using full force to gain power, there is an underlying sense of self-pity and paranoia.

Casimir Czienwicz - This character is cynical and shrewd, probably the result of a rough life growing up on the streets of Chicago.

Major Dalleson - This character often feels overwhelmed by his position of power and responsibility, however, he is able to take credit for the defeat of...

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