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Stephanie Dalley
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Mid-Book Test - Medium

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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the Amarna version of Nergal and Ereshkigal's story, what does Ea send to the Underworld with Nergal?
(a) Fourteen warriors.
(b) Fourteen demons.
(c) Fourteen horses.
(d) Fourteen wolves.

2. In terms of population control, what do the gods agree to do with women?
(a) Women will have to ask permission of the holy men to become pregnant.
(b) Not all women will be able to or allowed to give birth.
(c) Women will have to pray to the gods to get pregnant.
(d) Women will only be able to have sex once a month.

3. When Nergal escapes from the Underworld, what do the gods demand be done to him?
(a) He is to be sent back.
(b) He is to be tortured for his defiance.
(c) He is to be disfigured.
(d) He is to be stripped of his powers.

4. How does Ereshkigal avenge herself upon Ishtar?
(a) Namtar removes Ishtar's divine rights.
(b) Namtar casts sixty diseases on Ishtar.
(c) Namtar tricks Ishtar into marrying a beast.
(d) She traps Ishtar in an icy lake.

5. What does Belili offer in order to help her brother, Dumuzi?
(a) Belili will take Dumuzi's place in the Underworld one month a year.
(b) Belili will take over Dumuzi's duties above the Underworld.
(c) Belili will assist Ereshkigal so that the queen may occasionally leave the Underworld.
(d) Belili will take Dumuzi's place in the Underworld for half the year.

Short Answer Questions

1. What theory does the author suggest as the origin for the tale of Atrahasis?

2. How does Ishtar being trapped in Kuranugi affect earth?

3. What is unique about the plant Gilgamesh retrieves from the Apsu?

4. What unique feature does this book use to help the reader understand these stories?

5. How must Nergal atone for his offense towards Namtar?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Ishtar's journey to see her sister, Ereshkigal, in the Underworld.

2. What remedies are offered after the flood to help control the population of the world?

3. What must Namtar avoid doing while in the Underworld serving out his punishment?

4. What is the fate of the Sea and the Cattle God?

5. Why does Adapa curse the South Wind and what are the consequences?

6. How does Atrahasis initially save the world from ruin before the flood?

7. How does Marduk defeat Tiamat?

8. What does Mother Hubur create for Tiamat and why?

9. Why does all sexual activity on Earth stop while Ishtar is in Kurnugi?

10. Why are several of the myths in this book fragmented or missing whole sections?

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