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Stephanie Dalley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the story of Erra and Ishum, who is most likely the "new king of Akkad" spoken of within the text?
(a) Atrahasis.
(b) Marduk.
(c) Nobassin.
(d) Nabonassar.

2. What leads Etana to attempt, for a second time, to fly with the eagle to Anu's heaven?
(a) His wife begged him to go.
(b) The eagle forced him to go see Anu.
(c) Three dreams.
(d) Anu threatened him.

3. In the Theology of Dunnu, what happens when pieces of the Earth mate?
(a) Another part of Earth is created.
(b) The skies part.
(c) The oceans make waves.
(d) Another part of Earth is destroyed.

4. Why do Adad, Gerra, and Shara refuse to attack Anzu?
(a) They feel Anzu is right.
(b) They know Anzu is the superior fighter.
(c) They know Anzu will turn them to clay.
(d) They know Anzu will take control and they do not want to cross him.

5. What name does Marduk give to the area in front of Esharra?
(a) Mosul.
(b) Mesopotamia.
(c) Babylon.
(d) Irbil.

6. What is the name of Etana's son?
(a) Nergal.
(b) Anu.
(c) Namtar.
(d) Balih.

7. With whom does the Earth create a union in the Theology of Dunnu?
(a) Water.
(b) Plough.
(c) Sky.
(d) Plow.

8. How does Erra, after taking over Marduk's palace, start draining the latter god's power?
(a) He shatters Marduk's sword.
(b) He keeps people from remembering that their god is Marduk.
(c) He keeps people from worshipping at Marduk's temples.
(d) He drinks Marduk's wine.

9. Who is one of the creators of Lahmu and Lahamu?
(a) Ellil.
(b) Tiamat.
(c) Marduk.
(d) Ea.

10. What was the Flock God son's relationship to his wife before they married?
(a) Cousins.
(b) Father.
(c) Uncle.
(d) Siblings.

11. To whom does the blessing of the bow refer in The Epic of Creation?
(a) Marduk.
(b) Tiamat.
(c) Ereshkigal.
(d) Ishtar.

12. What act does Mami claim will cause Ninurta to be worshiped throughout the land?
(a) Killing Marduk.
(b) Killing Ea.
(c) Killing Anzu.
(d) Saving Anzu.

13. Who is both wife and sister to Haharnum?
(a) Belet-ili.
(b) Belat-ilir.
(c) Belet-seri.
(d) Belet-saril.

14. Why is Ninurta unable to kill Anzu?
(a) Ninurta feels it is not right to kill Anzu.
(b) Anzu controls everything with the Tablet.
(c) Anzu is much smarter than the other gods.
(d) Anzu is too fast for Ninurta to catch.

15. Who kills the Herdsman God, Pasture, and Poplar?
(a) Haharnum.
(b) Haharnuma.
(c) Haharna.
(d) Haharnumun.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the Old Babylonian version of the theft of the Tablet of Destiny, what is Anzu's name?

2. Who marries Pasture and Poplar?

3. What does Erra ask of Ishum in the beginning of their story?

4. What food does Anu actually offer to Adapa?

5. What gift to Ea bestow upon Adapa?

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