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Stephanie Dalley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After marrying her son, Plough, who does the Sea kill?
(a) Sky.
(b) Earth.
(c) Cattle God.
(d) Hearth.

2. What leads Etana to attempt, for a second time, to fly with the eagle to Anu's heaven?
(a) His wife begged him to go.
(b) The eagle forced him to go see Anu.
(c) Anu threatened him.
(d) Three dreams.

3. To whom does the blessing of the bow refer in The Epic of Creation?
(a) Ereshkigal.
(b) Marduk.
(c) Tiamat.
(d) Ishtar.

4. What does Hayyashum do to Haharnum after taking over his territory?
(a) Imprisons him.
(b) Tortures him.
(c) Deifies him.
(d) Kills him.

5. According to the story of Erra and Ishum, what will happen if Marduk leaves his palace?
(a) The people will forget about their deities.
(b) The world will be thrown into natural chaos and war.
(c) The people will stop caring for their homes.
(d) The world will implode.

6. How many names are given to Marduk by Anshar, Lahmu, and Lahamu?
(a) Five.
(b) Eight.
(c) Six.
(d) Seven.

7. With whom does the Earth create a union in the Theology of Dunnu?
(a) Plough.
(b) Plow.
(c) Water.
(d) Sky.

8. From what does Marduk create the world?
(a) Tiamat's crown.
(b) Apsu's remains.
(c) Apsu's rown.
(d) Tiamat's remains.

9. What does Ishum offer to Erra for a cessation of the attacks on mankind?
(a) The chaos of Tiamat contained in a crystal.
(b) The creation skills of Belet-ili so that Erra can create his own race.
(c) A bride.
(d) The service and support of the rest of the gods.

10. Why does Erra become furious with the other gods after Marduk leaves his palace?
(a) The other gods keep referring to Marduk as their king.
(b) The other gods are simply ignoring Erra.
(c) The other gods have chosen to do battle with Erra.
(d) The other gods have kept Erra from unleashing his anger on the world.

11. How does Ishum halt Erra's rampage on the world?
(a) He tells him that Marduk has renounced his divinity.
(b) He points out that Erra has taken over the universe.
(c) He tells him that the other gods have abandoned Earth.
(d) He tell him that the humans do not care about the gods.

12. What does Erra ask of Ishum in the beginning of their story?
(a) He wants Ishum to appeal to Ea for more responsibilities.
(b) He wants Ishum to help him gain more territory.
(c) He wants Ishum to renounce his divinity.
(d) He wants Ishum to start a battle.

13. What is Erra's station amongst the Gods?
(a) He is the keeper of the Tablet.
(b) He is their warrior.
(c) He is their healer.
(d) He is their cleric.

14. Why does Adapa curse the South Wind?
(a) The wind blew his house over, injuring several people.
(b) The wind overturned his boat.
(c) The wind blew sand in his eyes, causing him to drop a valuable jar.
(d) The wind overturned his son's boat.

15. What appears to be the main thing that Erra craves from the other gods, as illustrated several times throughout his story?
(a) Worshippers.
(b) Responsibilities.
(c) Respect.
(d) Love.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the death of Tiamat, what adorns the door to Apsu?

2. Who marries Pasture and Poplar?

3. What is the name of Etana's son?

4. What name does Marduk give to the area in front of Esharra?

5. Why is Ea unable to face Tiamat?

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