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Stephanie Dalley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ishum halt Erra's rampage on the world?
(a) He points out that Erra has taken over the universe.
(b) He tell him that the humans do not care about the gods.
(c) He tells him that Marduk has renounced his divinity.
(d) He tells him that the other gods have abandoned Earth.

2. What does Hayyashum do to Haharnum after taking over his territory?
(a) Kills him.
(b) Imprisons him.
(c) Deifies him.
(d) Tortures him.

3. Who creates an army of vicious, terrible warriors in the Epic of Creation?
(a) Mother Anza.
(b) Tiamat.
(c) Marduk.
(d) Mother Hubur.

4. To whom does the blessing of the bow refer in The Epic of Creation?
(a) Ishtar.
(b) Tiamat.
(c) Marduk.
(d) Ereshkigal.

5. In the Old Babylonian version of the theft of the Tablet of Destiny, what is Anzu's name?
(a) Anzum.
(b) Anzom.
(c) Anzim.
(d) Anzam.

6. Why do Adad, Gerra, and Shara refuse to attack Anzu?
(a) They know Anzu will turn them to clay.
(b) They know Anzu is the superior fighter.
(c) They know Anzu will take control and they do not want to cross him.
(d) They feel Anzu is right.

7. What gift to Ea bestow upon Adapa?
(a) Wisdom.
(b) Foresight.
(c) Oratory skills.
(d) The ability to say only the truth.

8. What duty is assigned to Anzu by Ellil?
(a) Anzu is to train the guards to keep an eye on Ellil's temple.
(b) Anzu is to guard the entrance to Ellil's temple.
(c) Anzu is to guard the outer layers of Ellil's temple.
(d) Anzu is guard the innermost chamber of Ellil's temple.

9. What holiday is the culmination of the cycle represented by the Theology of Dunnu?
(a) Equinox.
(b) New Year.
(c) Samhain.
(d) Winter Solstice.

10. What is the name of Etana's son?
(a) Anu.
(b) Nergal.
(c) Balih.
(d) Namtar.

11. Why do Apsu and Mummu plan to kill the gods?
(a) They are too weak for Apsu's plans.
(b) Apsu fears he made them defective.
(c) They are too loud for Apsu.
(d) Apsu fears that they will rebel.

12. What does Ishum offer to Erra for a cessation of the attacks on mankind?
(a) The creation skills of Belet-ili so that Erra can create his own race.
(b) The chaos of Tiamat contained in a crystal.
(c) A bride.
(d) The service and support of the rest of the gods.

13. How does Erra, after taking over Marduk's palace, start draining the latter god's power?
(a) He shatters Marduk's sword.
(b) He keeps people from worshipping at Marduk's temples.
(c) He drinks Marduk's wine.
(d) He keeps people from remembering that their god is Marduk.

14. Who helps add to the vegetation and animals on Earth after marriage in the Theology of Dunnu?
(a) The Cattle God.
(b) The Herdsman God.
(c) The Flock God.
(d) Earth.

15. How does Marduk entrap Tiamat?
(a) He throws her in the ocean.
(b) He traps her in a cave.
(c) He binds her with the tree of life.
(d) He binds her with the four winds.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the story of Erra and Ishum, who is most likely the "new king of Akkad" spoken of within the text?

2. What pact do the eagle and snake in Etana's story make with Shamash?

3. From what does Marduk create the world?

4. How many names are given to Marduk by Anshar, Lahmu, and Lahamu?

5. What act does Mami claim will cause Ninurta to be worshiped throughout the land?

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