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This is the biggest city. It is here that the Unseen University is located.

Bes Pelargic

This is the city where Mort and Ysabell head while undertaking The Duty. It is here that the Grand Vizier dies while trying to poison the king.


This is a flat world that rides on the back of four giant elephants, who in turn stand on the shell of an enormous star turtle, Great A'Tuin. This is a medieval place where little kingdoms war, intermarry, and ally.

Dome of Reality

Referred to by many descriptive names. This object is a crackling interface between the two different realities created when Mort saved Princess Keli.

Unseen University

This is the premier school of wizardry. It is here that Albert goes to summon Death and destroys a statue of himself.

Sto Lat

A walled royal city built in around a huge rock left...

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