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Death's Resume

Death is still trying to find a new job. Fill out his resume and past job experience. Remember to put his brief stint at Harga's House of Ribs on the resume.

Mort and Ysabell's Wedding

Mort and Ysabell had a wedding announcement put in the paper. Write out the wedding announcement about the newly engaged couple and any wedding details that are given.

Your Biography

Create your own biography. Decorate it as your book would look and share one piece from your book. It can be about anything and from any point in your life.

Apprentice Needed

Death puts out an advertisement requesting a new apprentice. Put in the advertisement what he is looking for. What qualities the applicant must have as well as information about the position.

Scumble Jingle

Create a commercial, slogan, jingle or other advertisement for scumble. It could be the next alcoholic...

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