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Pages 1-45

• Mort's father and uncle discuss Mort's lack of agricultural talent and decide Mort should go be an apprentice to someone else.

• Mort goes to town to stand with the other boys and is the only one not chosen as midnight approaches.

• Death takes Mort as his apprentice.

• Death explains to Mort that no one can see him because people don't see what they can't believe in.

• Death's adopted daughter, Ysabell, tells Mort that he is a servant and must do whatever she says although Mort ignores her.

• Mort accompanies Death to an assassination where Mort becomes smitten with the princess.

• Death warns Mort that they are not allowed to interfere with fate.

Pages 45-86

• Mort takes an afternoon off and goes to Ankh-Morpork where he walks through a wall while escaping a gang of robbers but is unable to do it again.

• Mort goes to Sto...

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