Morality for Beautiful Girls Short Essay - Answer Key

Alexander McCall Smith
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1. What theme regarding beauty does the first chapter introduce?

The first chapter introduces components of one of the novel's major themes, the contrast between physical and moral beauty

2. What is the meaning of Mma Makutsi's comments about beautiful girls?

Comments made by Mma Makutsi about the morality of the beautiful girls with whom she went to school can be seen as foreshadowing later incidents exploring the same issue.

3. What does this foreshadowing hint at?

The foreshadowing of this subject hints at deeper considerations later in the book, as well as specifically, the nature of beauty, and whether it is a solely physical concept.

4. What central theme is also introduced?

The novel's thematically central consideration of morality also begins in chapter one with Mma Ramotswe's moral dilemma.

5. What is Mma Ramotswe's moral dilemma?

She places herself in the position of having to make a decision without consulting her partner, and therefore ease the discomfort of her trusted employee, or do the right thing and wait to consult that partner, but run the risk of allowing her employee's discomfort to continue.

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