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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long have Rakitin and Natalya known each other?
(a) Four years.
(b) Seven years.
(c) Three years.
(d) Two weeks.

2. Whom does Natalya call "that village Talleyrand"?
(a) Beliayev.
(b) Shpigelski.
(c) Bolshintsov.
(d) Islayev.

3. Who wins most of the hands of the game in Act 1, Part 1?
(a) Rakitin.
(b) Schaaf.
(c) Arkady.
(d) Natalya.

4. What does Vera suggest that Beliayev call her?
(a) Verochka.
(b) Vera Natalyova.
(c) Veronica.
(d) Verushka.

5. About which plant does Katya make a comment to herself in Act 4, Part 2?
(a) The tomato plants.
(b) The parsley.
(c) The grass.
(d) The oak trees.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character does Rakitin love?

2. Who is described in Act 3, Part 3, as "an honest man"?

3. What is the name of the carpenter who is working on Islayev's project?

4. As Beliayev and Natalya discuss in Act 4, Part 3, when does Beliayev plan to leave?

5. According to Shpigelski, what is the "main thing in marriage"?

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