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Using the information available in the text, draw a blueprint on what you perceive the layout of Natalya's estate to be.


Dress up like the characters in the play would (mid 19th-century Russian garb).


Since marriage is such a prominent concern in the play, research how Russian marriages are agreed upon and performed.


Make a list of the French phrases in the story, and using an online translator or consulting someone in the class who has studied French, translate them.


Make a list of the plants that exist in Natalya's garden. Given that information, in what region of Russia do you think they live? Research what zone of Russia could support the various plants that are mentioned.


Make a kite and attempt to fly it, like Kolya and Beliayev do.

Venetian Storeroom

Shpigelski mentions that Islayev's father "must have had Venice in...

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