A Month in the Country Character Descriptions

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Vera Alexandrovna - This character agrees to marry an aging, unimpressive man in order to leave the estate.

Alexei Nikolayich Beliayev - This character is a tutor who is staying with the Islayev family for the summer.

Lizaveta Bogdanovna - This character teaches piano and enjoys taking snuff.

Afanasy Ivanovich Bolshintsov - This character solicits the help of the doctor in wooing a lady; in return, he agrees to give the doctor some excellent horses.

Anna Semyenovna Islayev - This character is the mother of the landowner.

Arkady Sergeyich Islayev - This character is a mild, pleasant person who does not feel threatened by his wife's fondness for others.

Kolya Islayev - This character is a young boy who loves being outdoors.

Katya - This character picks raspberries.

Matvey - This minor character, a servant, is in love with one of the other servants.

Natalya Petrovna...

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