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Act 1, Part 1

• Schaaf, Anna, and Liza are playing Hearts, and although Schaaf has been winning most of the hands, Anna starts to gain an advantage over him.

• Rakitin is reading The Count of Monte Cristo to Natalya, because Natalya believes it is something to which she should be exposed. Even so, Natalya is uninterested in the story.

• Rakitin believes something is different about Natalya today.

• Kolya shows off the kite that Beliayev has made for him.

• Natalya and Rakitin think about Beliayev and decide that they should try to educate him and make him more like themselves.

Act 1, Part 2

• Shpigelski enters, and in order to please Natalya, he relates a story about a woman who couldn't choose between two suitors.

• Shpigelski has a discussion with Natalya about matching one of his friends with Vera.

• Natalya insists that Vera is not ready for marriage yet.

• Natalya reminds Rakitin of...

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