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Essay Topic 1

In John's search for satisfaction, what does he find? What does he have trouble finding? What does he continue to search for by the end of the novel?

Essay Topic 2

What is the purpose of the novel? Why is it important to Amis that he portray a man living on the edge?

Essay Topic 3

What evidence points to John's preoccupation with sex? Why do you think John is obsessed with sex?

Essay Topic 4

What message about romantic and sexual relationships do you think Amis is sending to the reader in writing about the relationships between John and Selina, Martina, and Georgina?

Essay Topic 5

How does John develop as a character over the course of the novel? What are the major events that shape him, and what do they shape him into?

Essay Topic 6

What is the significance of some of the character names in the novel...

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