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Author's Note, page 5, and Section 1, pages 7 to 23

• Selina Street is John's girlfriend, and she appears to be cheating on him.
• John is a film director who travels back and forth between New York City and London.
• John is irritated that the people he works with constantly come to him for help with their problems, most of which are trivial.

Section 1, pg. 23 to 52

• John has a good relationship with the producer of the film, Fielding Goodney, and the man gives him advice on dealing with actors like Lorne and Caduta.
• John receives a call from a mysterious man that verges on threatening.
• John decides to fly back home to London, and considers marrying Selina.

Section 2, pg. 53 to 88

• John says that his only motivation in life is money.
• Selina and John open up a bank account together.
• Doris, a writer, rejects John's advances, and he blacks out frequently, becoming violent...

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