Objects & Places from Misery

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Annie's House

The majority of the story takes place at this location in Sidewinder, Colorado.

Misery's Return

This situation, created by a character's insanity, forced the Paul Sheldon to resurrect a character unwillingly.

Wilkes Farm

This is the place where Paul Sheldon is held captive for many months.

Sidewinder, Colorado

This is the rural town located in the Rocky Mountains where Paul Sheldon has a car accident.

Paul's Bedroom

Thisis where Sheldon spends almost all of his time looking out the window.

Boulder, Colorado

This is the town where the story begins as Paul Sheldon is putting the finishing touches on his new book.


This location is home to Paul Sheldon, before and after the incident with Annie.


This country is the main setting for the Misery series of books.


Since Paul often sees this place as a sort of utopia, he sets the second...

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