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John Sandford
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is it hard for Lucas to find the name of the owner of the farm the kidnapper may have Andi hidden?
(a) He doesn't know the informants name.
(b) It will be under a false name.
(c) Crosby wouldn't tell him the kidnapper's name.
(d) There are too many horse farms in this county.

2. With whom does Lucas stop to discuss the case before heading to his office at Davenport Simulations?
(a) Sloan.
(b) Ice.
(c) Roux.
(d) Dunn.

3. From where is Mail watching as his trap is set off?
(a) Crosby's apartment.
(b) Top of the grain storage shaft.
(c) Bit and Bridle.
(d) Farmhouse.

4. Why does Lucas think the kidnapper is leading him into a trap?
(a) Crosby mentioned there being a trap.
(b) The message says something about a trap.
(c) The details remind him of a game he designed.
(d) Sister Mary Joseph told him to be careful.

5. Who is Ice?
(a) Mail's partner.
(b) Lucas's partner.
(c) Software designer.
(d) Member of the media.

6. What information does Ice share with Lucas?
(a) Someone is watching her house.
(b) Someone has been calling her phone.
(c) Someone left a message on her car window.
(d) Someone stopped her on the street this morning.

7. Who does the kidnapper call with the ransom demand?
(a) Lucas.
(b) Crosby.
(c) Weather.
(d) Dunn.

8. What does the message that Mail gives to Lucas have a lot of in it?
(a) Bible passages.
(b) Letters.
(c) Numbers.
(d) Clues.

9. How does Del keep Wolfe from filing charges against Lucas?
(a) By threatening to expose her affair.
(b) By offering her money.
(c) By having Andi talk to her.
(d) By threatening to expose her for not reporting the child molesters.

10. What frustrates Lucas the most as he is going over the patient files?
(a) There are too many possible suspects in the files.
(b) Many areas are blacked out for confidentiality.
(c) The information is confusing to him.
(d) The best suspect is dead.

11. What do Crosby and the kidnapper have in common?
(a) They both have the same mother.
(b) They are both kidnappers.
(c) They both were patients of Andi.
(d) They were both in jail at the same time.

12. How does Mail get away from Sherrill?
(a) He shoots her in the leg.
(b) He hides in a drainage ditch.
(c) He throws Andi into Sherrill.
(d) He pretends to give up and then hits her.

13. What happens at the end of the novel between Mail and Weather?
(a) They move in together.
(b) They get engaged.
(c) They split up.
(d) They go on as they had been.

14. Why does Lucas decide to call Dunn?
(a) He wants him to become a more active part of the investigation.
(b) He wants him to call Andi's cell phone to see if the kidnapper will answer.
(c) He wants to ask his opinion about who would benefit from Andi's kidnapping.
(d) He wants to interrogate him about the kidnapping.

15. Why does Mail watch the things that he sets up?
(a) He wants to move things along faster.
(b) He wants to see the results.
(c) He wants to make sure they are done right.
(d) He wants to know what the police are doing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mail do to make Crosby think he will let her in on the kidnapping?

2. Where does Lucas believe Mail was watching the man who tried to break into the building?

3. Where does Mail get stuck while trying to make his escape?

4. What doe Lucas and the others have to wait for before they can go to the address where Andi probably is being held?

5. Where did Crosby and Mail meet?

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