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John Sandford
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lucas go to Ice's house?
(a) To see if Mail is still there watching.
(b) To work on the software program.
(c) To place an undercover cop in her house.
(d) To get the new software that was developed to find Mail.

2. How does Mail get away from Sherrill?
(a) He hides in a drainage ditch.
(b) He throws Andi into Sherrill.
(c) He shoots her in the leg.
(d) He pretends to give up and then hits her.

3. Why does Lucas decide to call Dunn?
(a) He wants to ask his opinion about who would benefit from Andi's kidnapping.
(b) He wants him to call Andi's cell phone to see if the kidnapper will answer.
(c) He wants him to become a more active part of the investigation.
(d) He wants to interrogate him about the kidnapping.

4. What do the police that were assigned to watch his office tell Lucas?
(a) The software designer has disappeared.
(b) They think this is a waste of their time.
(c) There has been no sign of Mail.
(d) There are people in a van watching the building.

5. Which of the following accurately describes how Helen Manette and Nancy Wolfe felt at being arrested?
(a) Surprised and frightened.
(b) Angry and frightened.
(c) Angry and shocked.
(d) Shocked and surprised.

6. What does Lucas learn about Crosby that leads him to believe Mail is not dead?
(a) She received some of the money from Mail's death.
(b) She was an assistant in the dental office that identified the teeth when he was declared dead.
(c) She was the person convicted for killing Mail.
(d) She and Mail were in the state hospital at the same time.

7. Which event below shows the desperation of Andi and Grace's situation?
(a) The success at finally getting the nail out of the beam.
(b) Andi's broken psychological state.
(c) Having a child learn how to attack another person.
(d) Grace's pleas to leave her mother alone.

8. Why was Lucas called to the police station in the middle of the night?
(a) To interrogate a suspect.
(b) To help the FBI intercept a cell phone signal.
(c) To listen to a ransom call from the kidnapper.
(d) To identify a body found.

9. Which word describes how Mail felt watching Dunn and Lucas set off his trap?
(a) Relieved.
(b) Amused.
(c) Angry.
(d) Surprised.

10. Why did Helen work with Mail?
(a) She wanted to get a lot of money out of a divorce settlement.
(b) She was being blackmailed by someone.
(c) She had fallen in love with Mail.
(d) She was actually related to Mail.

11. What does Lucas convince Roux to do in regards to Mail?
(a) Put his picture out in every media source.
(b) Keep his identity a secret a little longer.
(c) Use the FBI to find out other alias identities.
(d) Let Lucas be the sole person hunting for Mail.

12. Who becomes a new target of Mail's attraction?
(a) Sister Mary Joseph.
(b) The software designer.
(c) Lucas.
(d) Dunn.

13. How does Lucas learn that Mail is getting information somehow?
(a) Mail talks about Sister Mary Joseph.
(b) Mail asks Lucas how Crosby is doing.
(c) Mail tells him he knows every step the police are taking.
(d) Mail tells him about the hidden message Andi put in her message.

14. How many policemen are helping Lucas with the interrogation of Helen and Nancy?
(a) 2.
(b) 1.
(c) 0.
(d) 4.

15. What does Lucas ask Roux to do if he asks her to?
(a) Search for properties under Mail's alias identity.
(b) Support his position with the FBI.
(c) Cover for him with the media.
(d) Disappear for a few hours.

Short Answer Questions

1. What arrangement does Lucas make with the FBI in regard to Dunn?

2. What happens when the police return to interview Crosby for a second time?

3. With whom does Lucas stop to discuss the case before heading to his office at Davenport Simulations?

4. Where does Mail get stuck while trying to make his escape?

5. What information does Lucas learn about Crosby?

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