Objects & Places from Mind Prey

John Sandford
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Abandoned Farmhouse

John Mail keeps Andi Manette and her daughters captive here.

Red Paint

John Mail used this before he kidnapped Andi Manette and her daughters.

Engagement Ring

Deputy Chief Lucas Davenport spends most of the novel carrying this with him.


Andi Manette and her daughter, Grace, spend a great deal of time during their captivity attempting to remove this.


Andi Manette and her daughter, Grace, remove this from an item provided to them by their captor to use as tools and weapons.


John Mail throws Andi's daughter, Genevieve, into this with the intention of killing her.

Game System

John Mail provides Andi Manette and her daughters with this while he holds them captive.

Mail's Clues

Mail gives several sets these to Lucas over the phone.

George Dunn's Real Estate Development Company

As Andi Manette's estranged husband, the investigators visit here while searching for the...

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