Mind Prey Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

John Sandford
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Essay Topic 1

What character traits does the main character Lucas Davenport demonstrate throughout the book? How does this character grow and change throughout the novel? Why is he good at his job?

Essay Topic 2

How is greed a theme of this novel? Which characters demonstrate greed? Why do you characterize them as being greedy?

Essay Topic 3

What part does Andi's profession play in the main plot of this novel? In what ways is her profession helpful? In what ways does it seem useless? Do you think her training should have helped her more? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 4

How is the idea of games and gaming used in multiple ways throughout this novel? Do you think this was intentional on the part of the author? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 5

What motives appeared throughout the novel? How and why were false motives included throughout the novel...

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