Mind Prey Character Descriptions

John Sandford
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Deputy Chief Lucas Davenport

This character is a detective and a wealthy man who has made a great deal of money developing games, both role playing games and computer games, as well as police training simulations.

Andi Manette

This character is a psychiatrist who did her case work for her doctorate with prisoners at a federal facility.

Genevieve Dunn

This character is a precocious young girl who finds everything about life amusing and is snatched up into a van by a stranger; she does not scream, but worries about the safety of her mother.

Grace Dunn

This character worries about her sister's immaturity and her mother's apparent lack of concern for the small things that are so important to young girls.

John Mail

This character is a young man who was brutally abused by his mother and stepfather as a child and has become a criminal as a...

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