Mind Prey Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Sandford
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Chapters 1-2

• John Mail takes out a boat on the lake and spies on his former psychiatrist Andi Manette.

• Andi and her children head to the school for a parent-teacher conference. When they come out it is raining and Grace doesn't want her new dress to get wet.

• Andi and Genevieve head to the car, then a man grabs them from a red van and then drives up toward the school and grabs Grace too.
• Andi asks the kidnapper who he is and she becomes scared when he tells her his name is John Mail.

• Lucas is the deputy chief of the Minneapolis police department. He is also a successful game designer and therefore wealthier than many other cops, which makes them suspicious. He is now dating a surgeon and recently bought her an engagement ring but hasn't given it to her yet.
• The police are at the...

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