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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One main point in Act 1, Scene 4 is to display that Ballas and the higher-ups are after power for what purpose?
(a) To cause chaos.
(b) For its own sake.
(c) To benefit financially.
(d) To destroy Gross.

2. What is significant about the examples Lear uses for the word, "boo?"
(a) They describe the act of crying, which symbolizes Gross' sorrow over his title loss.
(b) They describe the act of trying to scare someone, which symbolizes Gross' intent earlier.
(c) They describe an ambush or surprise, which symbolizes what Gross is experiencing.
(d) They describe the act of scaring someone who has been stealing, which symbolizes the Staff Watcher catching Gross earlier.

3. What is very interesting about the intentional way Havel presents the office?
(a) The positions of the characters are never stated.
(b) It only has one room.
(c) The purpose of the office is never stated.
(d) The characters come and go without asking permission.

4. What does the clerk's character symbolize?
(a) The notion of how lazy workers can advance in a company through deceit.
(b) The dangers of blind loyalty in a bureaucratic system.
(c) The concerns of the common worker.
(d) The result of a meaningless system.

5. Why is Savant "unable" to offer Gross any coffee?
(a) They tell him it tastes horrible.
(b) There isn't enough.
(c) Gross drinks too much already.
(d) They aren't drinking any.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the Staff Watcher watch from?

2. What do Ballas and Gross argue about?

3. What is Gross symbolically holding when Ballas and Pillar return to his office in Act 1 Scene 4?

4. What is Gross's new title?

5. At the beginning of the play, what kind of letter does Gross receive?

Short Essay Questions

1. What explanation does Ballas offer to Gross and what position does he offer him?

2. What do Hana's habits and actions symbolize?

3. Why does Gross report to the Training Center in Act 1, Scene 5, and what is he carrying?

4. What is it about Gross' personality that makes him susceptible to Ballas' manipulation?

5. What are some examples of the familiarity of Ballas' morning as Managing Director and what is it similar to?

6. As illustrated in Scene 8, what is necessary for a bureaucracy to have power over its workers, and what is this an analogy for?

7. Explain the symbolic meanings behind some of the characters introduced in Act 1, Scene 3.

8. What is it about the letter Gross receives that gets his attention, why is it significant to the play, and how does Gross react to it?

9. How is Lear's explanation of Ptydepe used to display the arrogance and self-indulgent actions of bureaucrats?

10. What does the fire extinguisher symbolize?

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