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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the Staff Watcher watch from?
(a) The corner.
(b) The main office.
(c) A hole in the wall.
(d) The closet.

2. What do Ballas and Gross argue about?
(a) The termination of Ptydepe.
(b) The Staff Watcher's report.
(c) Gross' refusal to understand Ptydepe.
(d) Ballas' salary.

3. What does Helena ask Maria to do with the bag of limes she is carrying?
(a) Bring them to her.
(b) Empty the bag immediately.
(c) Pass the limes out to the people at the party.
(d) Put them down.

4. What does Hana repeatedly ask Gross in Act 1, Scene 4?
(a) If she can go to lunch.
(b) If she can have the authorization for Ptydepe lessons.
(c) If she can get some more milk.
(d) If he knows where the new snack bar is located.

5. What does Stroll tell Gross is necessary in order to prevent any further individualism?
(a) The mandatory number of hours a worker is required to work.
(b) The restriction of any worker leaving the office.
(c) The authorization of all future purchases.
(d) The authorization for all Ptydepe translations.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Gross attempt to persuade in order to bypass authorization?

2. Why does the Department of Authentication refuse to authenticate the new log book?

3. The parallels Havel draws in Act 1, Scene 4 are between Ballas and what?

4. How does Stroll exit in Act 1, Scene 3?

5. Who does Gross talk to while he is waiting for Helena?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the final scene of the play, what theme is brought to the forefront and what is the message Havel delivers?

2. What are some more examples of Ballas' parallel experience to Gross' time as Managing Director that are given in the first part of Act 2, Scene 9?

3. What does Helena's request for Maria to help her make coffee symbolize?

4. What is different about Gross and his approach in the very beginning of Act 2, Scene 10?

5. What are two main issues that Gross has with Ptydepe in Act 1, Scene 1?

6. What is a Ptydepeist, and what is their purpose?

7. What is important about Maria's gesture to Gross at the end of Act 1, Scene 6, and what is the irony in it?

8. What does Gross' signature of the Ptydepe authorization set into motion?

9. What is the game that Helena plays with Gross and what does it symbolize?

10. What are some of the differences between Ballas and Gross in their experiences as Managing Director?

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