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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is significant about the examples Lear uses for the word, "boo?"
(a) They describe the act of trying to scare someone, which symbolizes Gross' intent earlier.
(b) They describe the act of scaring someone who has been stealing, which symbolizes the Staff Watcher catching Gross earlier.
(c) They describe an ambush or surprise, which symbolizes what Gross is experiencing.
(d) They describe the act of crying, which symbolizes Gross' sorrow over his title loss.

2. At the beginning of the play, what kind of letter does Gross receive?
(a) A bill.
(b) A shipping invoice.
(c) A memorandum.
(d) A late notice.

3. Why does the Department of Authentication refuse to authenticate the new log book?
(a) They purchased the wrong type of log book.
(b) The expense wasn't officially authorized.
(c) The book is too expensive.
(d) They inform them that there will no longer be a need for a log book.

4. What does Gross offer during his argument with Ballas?
(a) To raise Ballas' salary.
(b) To pay for additional Ptydepe classes.
(c) To confront the higher-ups.
(d) To resign.

5. In defense of Ptydepe, what does Ballas declare the new language is far more of than the current one?
(a) Error-proof.
(b) Comprehensive.
(c) Humanist.
(d) Basic.

6. What does Gross give Ballas and Pillar?
(a) An I.O.U.
(b) A check.
(c) Cash.
(d) A money order.

7. What is Act 1, Scene 3 trying to illustrate about Gross?
(a) He has no desire to learn Ptydepe.
(b) He is being kept out of the loop.
(c) He is being deliberately given too much information at once.
(d) He will have to rely on Maria from this point on.

8. Who does Helena introduce herself as?
(a) The Supervisor of Ptydepe Training.
(b) The Czar of Accounting.
(c) The Chairman.
(d) The CEO.

9. What does Hana repeatedly ask Gross in Act 1, Scene 4?
(a) If he knows where the new snack bar is located.
(b) If she can have the authorization for Ptydepe lessons.
(c) If she can go to lunch.
(d) If she can get some more milk.

10. What does Gross tell himself to rationalize his decision in Act 1, Scene 4?
(a) That he was too weak to resist it.
(b) That he could better serve the company in his new position.
(c) That Ballas was right.
(d) That he had no choice.

11. What does Ballas threaten Gross with?
(a) Causing Gross to lose his job.
(b) Resigning from the company.
(c) Going over his head to get the notice authenticated.
(d) Speaking Ptydepe to Gross permanently.

12. What does Gross do with the letter?
(a) He ignores it.
(b) He burns it.
(c) He throws it away.
(d) He reads it out loud.

13. What happens to cause everyone at the party to stop talking?
(a) Gross shouts for them to be quiet.
(b) Ballas and Pillar enter the room.
(c) Maria slaps Stroll for making a rude comment.
(d) They discover there is no more coffee.

14. Gross is being intentionally forced to lose more of what?
(a) His independence of thought.
(b) His responsibility.
(c) His earnings.
(d) His employees.

15. Why does Ballas tell Gross that the log book needs to be replaced?
(a) It is lost.
(b) It has been stolen.
(c) It has been damaged.
(d) It is full.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the clerk's questions impress?

2. What is Gross symbolically holding when Ballas and Pillar return to his office in Act 1 Scene 4?

3. What overall theme does the author use the office to illustrate?

4. As a result of Gross' incorrect answers, what does Lear deny him?

5. As a reflection of bureaucracy, what kind of explanation do the higher-ups provide for the creation of Ptydepe?

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