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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gross fear if he does not agree to the switch?
(a) His career will be over.
(b) He will have a lawsuit filed against him.
(c) He will be even further demoted.
(d) He will have to talk to the Staff Watcher again.

2. What does Helena's constant need for Maria to help her make coffee symbolize?
(a) That she has no regard for Maria's time.
(b) That she is impatient.
(c) That the people who have power cannot do anything for themselves.
(d) That she really likes coffee.

3. What overall theme does the author use the office to illustrate?
(a) Office managers seldom know what is happening in their own office.
(b) The problems workers have with authority.
(c) How to deal with troubled employees.
(d) Government bureaucracy.

4. What does Gross ask Lear to do for him in Act 1, Scene 5?
(a) Translate the memo.
(b) Help him learn Ptydepe.
(c) Tell him where the next Ptydepe class is.
(d) Help him get his former position back.

5. How does Stroll exit in Act 1, Scene 3?
(a) Suddenly.
(b) Slowly.
(c) Angrily.
(d) Involuntarily.

6. What does Hana repeatedly ask Gross in Act 1, Scene 4?
(a) If she can have the authorization for Ptydepe lessons.
(b) If he knows where the new snack bar is located.
(c) If she can get some more milk.
(d) If she can go to lunch.

7. What is further illustrated in Scene 2?
(a) The foolishness of Ptydepe.
(b) The dislike between Gross and Ballas.
(c) The tension between Ballas and Pillar.
(d) The eating habits of Hana.

8. Who is revealed to be the person that authorized the use of Ptydepe?
(a) Pillar.
(b) Ballas.
(c) Gross.
(d) Hana.

9. What Department does the Ptydepe Translation Center replace?
(a) The Shipping Department.
(b) The Accounts Department.
(c) The Marketing Department.
(d) The Human Resources Department.

10. Who does Gross talk to while he is waiting for Helena?
(a) Hana.
(b) Savant.
(c) Himself.
(d) George.

11. According to Lear, how is the best way to learn Ptydepe?
(a) Slowly.
(b) With unshakeable faith.
(c) By speaking it every day.
(d) With an abandonment of English.

12. Gross is being intentionally forced to lose more of what?
(a) His responsibility.
(b) His employees.
(c) His earnings.
(d) His independence of thought.

13. What do Ballas and Gross argue about?
(a) The termination of Ptydepe.
(b) The Staff Watcher's report.
(c) Gross' refusal to understand Ptydepe.
(d) Ballas' salary.

14. What does Ballas threaten Gross with?
(a) Going over his head to get the notice authenticated.
(b) Resigning from the company.
(c) Speaking Ptydepe to Gross permanently.
(d) Causing Gross to lose his job.

15. What does the clerk receive for asking the questions?
(a) A lecture.
(b) An A.
(c) Termination.
(d) A gold star.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the Department of Authentication refuse to authenticate the new log book?

2. What is Gross rumored to be using inappropriately?

3. What does Maria ask Gross in Act 1, Scene 6?

4. In modern times, what is a term used to describe the act of portraying something negative in a positive way?

5. As explained in the play, what is Ptydepe designed to reduce?

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