Memoirs of a Geisha Fun Activities

Arthur Golden
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Little Okiya

Using the descriptions from the book as well as your own imagination, build a model of the okiya.


Read a few of the many descriptions of kimono in the book, and use one of them to create your own kimono design.

Signs and Symbols

Recall Arthur Golden's use of signs and symbols in helping Chiyo decide what to do with her future after the death of her parents. Create a onepage synopsis of the meaning of signs and symbols in your life, showing text and/or images of things that have taken on a symbolic meaning in helping you find your own way in life.

Traditional Japanese Music

Bring one or several pieces of traditional Japanese music to class, and as a class, listen to and discuss this traditional art form.

Dear Satsu

Write an imaginary letter to Satsu from Sayuri while she is living...

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