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Capos and ordinary prisoners

Based on Frankl's description in the first few pages of his book, create (draw, paint, or make a collage) an image of the "prominent" Capos and the "army of unknown and unrecorded" prisoners.

The Capos

Frankl makes the point that his narrative is not about the experience of the Capos in the concentration camps, but they figure prominently in the experience of ordinary prisoners, and are thus discussed in the early pages of his text. Based on Frankl's description, imagine the story from their point of view. Imagine how a Capo might respond to Frankl's unflattering description of them. Write a few paragraphs in response.


Frankl describes the first phase of prisoners' mental lives as one characterized by shock. He gives the example of prisoners learning that they were arriving to Auschwitz. "Everyone's heart missed a beat at that moment. Auschwitz -- the...

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