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"Experiences in a Concentration Camp" (through page 45)

• Frankl describes his personal experiences and feelings when first arriving as a prisoner at Auschwitz.

• He illustrates the prisoners' shock at finding themselves herded like animals, humiliated, and kept from their loved ones at the same time they are stripped of their belongings.

• Frankl writes that all prisoners clung to the notion that they would somehow be reprieved from the obvious horror that lay ahead, which he writes is a direct result of the psychological phase of shock, and it continues to grow.
• Frankl watches as fellow prisoners are forced to part with cherished items including watches and rings. He is forced to give up a manuscript that had no value to his captors, but was taken from him for the symbolic purpose of showing that no aspects of personal life or human worth would be permitted among the imprisoned.

• Frankl...

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