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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Cobble use the knot for?
(a) To draw in business.
(b) As a site seeing object.
(c) As a conversation piece.
(d) To tie leftover string pieces.

2. Where does Maniac wind up after he runs from the baseball game?
(a) At the house where he ate spaghetti.
(b) In the East End of town.
(c) At Amanda's house.
(d) His shed at the zoo.

3. What happens with the townspeople as Maniac walks up the middle of the street after the incident with the old man?
(a) They fight.
(b) They disperse.
(c) Whites and blacks walk together.
(d) The whites walk up one side, the blacks up the other.

4. Why does Maniac decide to leave town?
(a) He does not want a riot to break out.
(b) He does not want the Beales to get hurt.
(c) He is afraid of the big black man.
(d) He does not like that people don't like him.

5. Who saves Arnold Jones in Chapter 5?
(a) Amanda Beale.
(b) Maniac.
(c) Brian Denehy.
(d) Mr. Finsterwald.

Short Answer Questions

1. What changes in the Beale household now that Maniac is there?

2. What is Amanda carrying to school in her suitcase?

3. What do Maniac and Grayson do on Thanksgiving Day in the cold?

4. What does Maniac say to the passersby when he first runs to Two Mills?

5. What does Maniac want to do when he finds Amanda crying on her doorstep?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Maniac impress the star quarterback, Brian Denehy in Chapter 4?

2. How does Grayson handle the unconscious Maniac when he discovers him in the buffalo pen?

3. How is it that Maniac could have a meal at the Pickwell house and nobody questions his presence?

4. How does Maniac manage to infuriate McNab and does he do it on purpose?

5. How is the scene in the kitchen between Mrs. Beale and Maniac both ironic and symbolic?

6. What do Grayson and Maniac teach each other and how does it affect them?

7. Right at the start of this novel, the reader knows that the main character is going to have a different life than the normal pre-teen. How so?

8. Why does Maniac say Amen when Grayson finishes reading his first book and what effect does it have on Grayson?

9. Why won't Maniac go to school?

10. What is Grayson so curious about that he obviously has no understanding of during his meal with Maniac at the diner?

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