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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Maniac and Mars react to each other when they first begin running together?
(a) They don't speak or look at each other.
(b) They tell jokes.
(c) They challenge each other.
(d) They apologize to each other.

2. What part of the day does Maniac like best of all now that it is almost June?
(a) Night after everyone is asleep.
(b) Afternoons when everyone is around.
(c) Morning before anyone awakes.
(d) Evenings for the sunsets.

3. What is the most perilous feat that the McNab boys ask Maniac to perform?
(a) To go to the East End.
(b) To kill a snake.
(c) To play against "Hands" Down.
(d) To challenge Mars Bar.

4. Why does Maniac bring Mars Bar to Piper's birthday party?
(a) Because he knows Mars Bar will have fun.
(b) Because he wants the blacks and whites to be together.
(c) Because he hates Mars Bar.
(d) Because he wants to scare Mars Bar.

5. What do the two young boys in the second cabin continuously call Maniac?
(a) Sausage.
(b) Nerd.
(c) Meatball.
(d) Jerk.

6. Where do Maniac and Grayson go on Christmas morning?
(a) To the zoo.
(b) To the baseball field.
(c) To the Beale's house.
(d) To the diner.

7. What does Maniac do as a feat with the freight train?
(a) Stand in front of it for thirty seconds.
(b) Get a ride without paying.
(c) Beat it to the next stop on one rail.
(d) Hop on it.

8. Why do the other children want to touch Maniac after he speaks with whoever answered Finsterwald's door?
(a) They think Maniac might be a ghost.
(b) They want to touch a famous person.
(c) They want to congratulate him.
(d) They want to see if he is cold.

9. Why does Mars Bar hate Maniac at the end of Chapter 38?
(a) Nobody is there to see Mars Bar win.
(b) Maniac humiliates him.
(c) Maniac wins.
(d) Maniac refuses to participate.

10. What does Grayson give to Maniac for Christmas?
(a) A cookbook.
(b) His old baseball glove.
(c) A book about Willie Mays.
(d) A bed.

11. Where is Russell that Piper screams about?
(a) Above the trolley on a trestle.
(b) Stuck in a tree.
(c) On the railroad tracks.
(d) In a car crash.

12. How long do the feats go on for before the perilous one is asked?
(a) Six months.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Two months.
(d) One month.

13. To whom are the two boys related?
(a) John McNab.
(b) The man who called Maniac whitey.
(c) Mars Bar.
(d) "Hands" Down.

14. What new name has Amanda given to Mars Bar?
(a) Hershey's.
(b) Snickers.
(c) Devil Dog.
(d) Peanut Butter Cup.

15. What new item does Mars Bar show Maniac when Maniac returns to town in chapter 38?
(a) A bike.
(b) Expensive sneakers.
(c) Braces.
(d) Tattoos.

Short Answer Questions

1. What actually keeps the McNab boys going to school?

2. What does Maniac make the McNab boys return to Dorsey's Grocery?

3. Where does Mars Bar find Maniac after the trolley incident?

4. What do the McNab brothers do when they discover that they were actually with Maniac--the famous guy?

5. Why doesn't Maniac stay in the band shell after Grayson's death?

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