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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maniac do after he sees Russell in trouble?
(a) He asks Mars Bar to save him.
(b) He walks away.
(c) He runs for help.
(d) He saves him.

2. Who comes running up to Maniac after the race with Mars Bar is over?
(a) Russell and Piper.
(b) Amanda.
(c) "Hands" Down.
(d) Hester and Lester.

3. What does Grayson give to Maniac for Christmas?
(a) A cookbook.
(b) A book about Willie Mays.
(c) His old baseball glove.
(d) A bed.

4. What does Maniac do as a feat with the freight train?
(a) Hop on it.
(b) Stand in front of it for thirty seconds.
(c) Get a ride without paying.
(d) Beat it to the next stop on one rail.

5. What legendary feat does Mars Bar perform for the Pickwell children?
(a) Stopping a train.
(b) Killing a snake with his bare hands.
(c) Walking in front of a bus.
(d) Stopping traffic with a glare.

6. When Maniac returned to the West End in Chapter 40, where does he go first?
(a) To the zoo.
(b) To the Pickwells' house.
(c) To the equipment room.
(d) To the McNabs' house.

7. To whom are the two boys related?
(a) John McNab.
(b) "Hands" Down.
(c) Mars Bar.
(d) The man who called Maniac whitey.

8. What do Russell and Piper fear has happened to Maniac while in the East End?
(a) He has been killed.
(b) He has decided to stay there.
(c) He has been kidnapped.
(d) He has been tortured.

9. Why does Maniac bring Mars Bar to Piper's birthday party?
(a) Because he knows Mars Bar will have fun.
(b) Because he hates Mars Bar.
(c) Because he wants the blacks and whites to be together.
(d) Because he wants to scare Mars Bar.

10. Why doesn't Maniac stay in the band shell after Grayson's death?
(a) The Superintendent won't let him.
(b) He cannot bring himself to stay.
(c) It is too cold.
(d) It is needed for the upcoming spring.

11. What deal does Maniac first make with the McNab boys about school?
(a) If they go, he will show them the shortcut to Mexico.
(b) If they go, he will show Finsterwald's backyard.
(c) If they go, he will feed them pizza daily.
(d) If they go, he will show them how to read.

12. When does John believe the incident with the East Enders will happen?
(a) In a month.
(b) In the summer.
(c) In a week.
(d) In the winter.

13. What does Maniac tell the McNab boys about Mexico so that they will not want to go there?
(a) There are huge bugs in Mexico.
(b) It is volcano season.
(c) Little boys are eaten there.
(d) There is no pizza there.

14. How long is the challenge for in Finsterwald's backyard?
(a) Two minutes.
(b) Five minutes.
(c) Thirty minutes.
(d) Ten minutes.

15. How does Maniac convince the boys to go back to Two Mills?
(a) Free pizza.
(b) He tells them he is a cop.
(c) He tells them their parents are looking for them.
(d) He tells them he is Maniac.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mars Bar know that Maniac was not afraid at the trolley incident?

2. What do the Pickwells believe that Mars Bar carries with him all of the time?

3. What does Russell attempt to travel with?

4. Why does Maniac stop crossing the Schuylkill?

5. What do the Cobras come to do in the McNab house?

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