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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does "Hands" Down do in regard to Maniac that makes the older kids upset?
(a) He tells the older kids that Maniac does not like them.
(b) He brags to the older kids about Maniac.
(c) He laughs that Maniac is his friend and not theirs.
(d) He laughs at the older kids when Maniac beats them.

2. What causes the red bumps to surface on Maniac's body?
(a) Poison Ivy.
(b) Mumps.
(c) Pizza.
(d) Chicken Pox.

3. What happens to Maniac Magee's parents?
(a) They die in a plane crash.
(b) They die in a car crash.
(c) They die in a trolley crash.
(d) They die in a train crash.

4. After leaving the East End, where does Maniac stay?
(a) At the zoo with the buffalos.
(b) On a park bench.
(c) With his aunt and uncle.
(d) Back at the deer shed.

5. Why does Maniac get out of bed to go to the front door of the Beale's house?
(a) To check to see if Mars Bar had followed him.
(b) To memorize the numbers of his new address.
(c) To make sure he is in the right house.
(d) To let the dog in.

6. What does Maniac say to the passersby when he first runs to Two Mills?
(a) "Who are you?"
(b) "Where am I?"
(c) "What day is it?"
(d) "Hi."

7. Why do Maniac and Grayson trim a tree in the woods?
(a) They want to liven up the woods for the animals.
(b) They still have not satisfied their need to decorate.
(c) They are afraid the lights will catch fire inside.
(d) They can't fit a tree in the equipment room.

8. What happens with the townspeople as Maniac walks up the middle of the street after the incident with the old man?
(a) They disperse.
(b) Whites and blacks walk together.
(c) The whites walk up one side, the blacks up the other.
(d) They fight.

9. What does Maniac want to do when he finds Amanda crying on her doorstep?
(a) He wants to hug her and tell her everything will be okay.
(b) He wants to yell at all of the townspeople.
(c) He wants to read Amanda a story.
(d) He wants to bring Amanda to her mother.

10. What does Mars Bar Thompson take from Maniac?
(a) His hat.
(b) A candy bar.
(c) Amanda's book.
(d) A football.

11. What does Mrs. Beale finally ask Maniac one day while he is licking icing?
(a) "Are you Maniac?"
(b) "Where are your parents?"
(c) "Why don't you have a home?"
(d) "Where did you come from?"

12. What doesn't Maniac do in his new home at the Beales?
(a) Take out the trash.
(b) Wash the dishes.
(c) Read to the children.
(d) Sleep in his bed.

13. What does Maniac do to make McNab pitch the ball to him?
(a) He challenges McNab.
(b) He insults McNab.
(c) He takes a hat off another player.
(d) He stands at the bag and waits.

14. When does Maniac return to school?
(a) One month later.
(b) One week later.
(c) Never.
(d) One year later.

15. With what is Finsterwald's backyard filled?
(a) Balls and Frisbees.
(b) Cats.
(c) Children.
(d) Gravestones.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is being called over and over again to Maniac when the kids are playing on that hot August day in chapter 17?

2. What do the high school kids do to Arnold Jones in Chapter 5?

3. What is the prize for untying the Cobble's Knot?

4. What is Maniac running on that amazes the Pickwell children?

5. What does Grayson teach Maniac after their many weeks together?

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