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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Maniac Magee's parents?
(a) They die in a plane crash.
(b) They die in a car crash.
(c) They die in a trolley crash.
(d) They die in a train crash.

2. Who is the first person to speak with Maniac in Two Mills?
(a) Brian Denehy.
(b) Jeffrey Beale.
(c) Arnold Jones.
(d) Amanda Beale.

3. What does Maniac wonder about Black people?
(a) Why they celebrate the Fourth of July with the white people.
(b) Why they call themselves black.
(c) Why they don't come to the West End.
(d) Why they live on the East End.

4. What happened to Grayson at the game against the Toledo Mud Hens?
(a) Grayson threw a no hitter.
(b) Grayson's pitching was terrible.
(c) Grayson got hurt.
(d) Grayson hit Willie Mays.

5. What does Maniac do to make McNab pitch the ball to him?
(a) He insults McNab.
(b) He stands at the bag and waits.
(c) He challenges McNab.
(d) He takes a hat off another player.

6. What position did Grayson play?
(a) Pitcher.
(b) First Base.
(c) Right Field.
(d) Catcher.

7. Why does Maniac use only one hand to handle the football?
(a) He is showing off.
(b) His other hand is hurt.
(c) He is holding a book with the other one.
(d) He only has one hand.

8. What doesn't Maniac do in his new home at the Beales?
(a) Take out the trash.
(b) Wash the dishes.
(c) Sleep in his bed.
(d) Read to the children.

9. Who specifically has tried to untie the knot before Maniac?
(a) A pickpocket and a mathematician.
(b) A magician and a scientist.
(c) A magician and a pickpocket.
(d) A scientist and a mathematician.

10. What happens at the school musical?
(a) Maniac sings badly.
(b) Maniac screams for a long time.
(c) Manaic sings beautifully.
(d) Aunt Dot asks Uncle Dan for a divorce.

11. Why are Hester, Lester, and Amanda keeping Maniac from going home early one morning in Chapter 17?
(a) They do not want him to see that the police are at their house.
(b) They do not want him to see that the house has been vandalized.
(c) They do not want him to see that their house has been toilet papered.
(d) They do not want him to see the big black man is at their house.

12. Why does Maniac say Amen after Grayson finishes reading his first book?
(a) Maniac is glad it is over.
(b) Maniac says Amen is for when someone does something you really like.
(c) Maniac prays for Grayson to do better next time.
(d) Maniac had prayed Grayson would succeed.

13. What is being called over and over again to Maniac when the kids are playing on that hot August day in chapter 17?
(a) Whitey.
(b) Fishbelly.
(c) Trash.
(d) Loser.

14. What does John McNab do to the Green Sox team at the Little League game?
(a) He throws out everyone at first base.
(b) He strikes out sixteen hitters.
(c) He hits them with his fastball.
(d) He insults all of them with bad words.

15. What do the high school kids do to Arnold Jones in Chapter 5?
(a) They toss him over Finsterwald's fence.
(b) They throw him in a pond.
(c) They shove him in a locker.
(d) They force him onto Finsterwalds' porch.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what way does Maniac get his schooling?

2. What is the first book Grayson reads cover to cover?

3. What happens with the townspeople as Maniac walks up the middle of the street after the incident with the old man?

4. What does Mr. Cobble use the knot for?

5. What do Maniac and Grayson do right after Thanksgiving dinner?

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